Monday, August 23, 2010

Emily understands!

We've really noticed a big improvement in Emily's receptive language skills in the past few weeks. You can tell that while she has limited words to communicate verbally, she is understanding more and more all the time. Don reports that when he says, "Let's go change your diaper" that she walks down the hallway to their diaper changing station. When we ask her "Where's your bear? or ball? or baby?" she starts looking around for whatever we've asked her to find and often brings it to us. When Emily picks up something and starts to bring it to her mouth, I'll tell her "No, bring that to me" and amazingly sometimes she obeys! (She also likes to run in the opposite direction and laugh because she knows I will chase her!) We ask her to blow kisses and she blows those kisses very enthusiastically often hitting herself upside the head! (Somehow, she has forgotten to say good-bye as she now prefers to blow kisses.) She is starting to learn her body parts and usually points at the belly (or chest) when we ask her "Where's your belly?"

Emily's fine motor coordination and problem solving is improving! She is now able to do her shape sorter and rings. Sometimes she needs some guidance, but she has done all of the shapes at one time or another on her own with encouragement. It is amazing to see all the learning that takes place and how she is making new connections all the time.


  1. YAY for milestones! Post some photos girl.

  2. haha! I know, I know. That involves an extra step and getting my husband who works from home off the main computer where we store all of our photos!