Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Blessings

Today is a day to make myself be thankful! hehe. It is cold and rainy here and I just spent about two hours of my "day off" at the pediatrian's office and pharmacy. This morning, the connection from the sink drain somehow became discinnected and when I emptied a full crockpot pan of soaking water, all of it ended up spilling under the sink and on our hardwood floors. I yelled for Jeremy to come down from his home office to help me clean up the nasty, soaking mess asap and Emily cried in the high chair. It isn't easy to be a Mama or homeowner or wife sometimes! Luckily, these are all very minor incidents and I'm determined that they aren't going to ruin my day. Later, I rocked sick little Emily to sleep and she fell asleep cradled in my arms holding her baby doll. She was SO cute. I tried to "whisper yell" for Jeremy to come take our picture, but he didn't hear me. I will just have to imprint it in my mind.

Jeremy and I have been dealing with a lot of questions about how much I should continue to work. We are getting to the point where we hate to drop off Emily for a whole day for others to watch her three days a week. Emily is well taken care of by loving, doting grandparents and a wonderful babysitter. She is doing well, but does seem to cling to me more lately. (Is this a stage? Illness?) I love being with her, but worry about being stuck at home too much, feeling bored, feeling stressed about money, cost of health insurance etc. It is not exactly easy to take care of a toddler full time all the time and I know I would still need some outlets with parents day out or grandma care! So, we are praying about it and trying to figure out what to do.

Today I am so thankful:
51. for Dr. Belza who was so sweet with Emily during her exam.
52. for a 3 day antibiotic that will hopefully have her feeling back to her usual self in no time.
53. for my hubby who rushed to my aid this morning!
54. for the rain that will make KY beautiful---in about 3 more months.
55. for quiet time to eat a late lunch and type out my blessings.
56. that Jeremy and I have a fabulous date night planned at Actor's Theatre with friends this weekend.
57. that Don and Nancy were able to watch Emily on Monday when our babysitter needed the day off.
58. that Mom is going to be here to visit us this weekend.
59. for Emily's learning of language.
60. for Jason and Julie's healthy baby boy that arrived yesterday.


  1. Thanks for sharing your heart. I feel like it gives me some insight since we rarely get to catch up. I can't speak to some of the things you mentioned, but you know I am all for less work. For me, and I know it is different for everyone, it was tough being at home all the time...at first. Then, I began giving thanks daily, blogging regularly, and found a hobby I was passionate about and everything changed. It gave me another identity to go along with MOM.

    I have days that I want to go back to work, but the next day I am glad I am home.

  2. Every stage is an adjustment. Amber, it has made me so happy to see you blossom these past few months after the early difficult months with Bennett. Emily is already feeling better. This little illness was pretty mild.