Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This is going to be an ongoing list of cute and funny words and sayings of Emily.

Dinkney--what she calls Jeremy's mother

Oh man!--usually said in frustration or when she wants to be funny (leaves off the "n" at the end)

Wait a minute!

behney--banana. Very hard to understand this one, but she definitely knows what she wants.

viney--vitamins--loves her gummy vitamins and asks for them regularly which is a nice reminder for me! :)

SO MUCH!--started saying when we asked her, "how much does mommy and daddy love you?" She spreads her arms out wide, too.

"Big mess"--likes to say this when she sees something messy and her favorite explanation for why she is in time out. Me: "Why did Mommy put you in time out? Emily: "Because I made a big mess."

pony--as in what she calls a ponytail hairstyle or the rubber band to hold in place the "pony."

school bus--Emily calls all buses "school bus", including the city's TARC buses.

houk--house--for some reason, Emily likes to replace the "s" sound with "k."



sunnys--sun glasses



boonies--breasts (haha!) At least if she starts talking about boonies in public, they will have NO IDEA!

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