Friday, April 27, 2012

Elizabeth's First Birthday

I'm about two months behind on blogging even with considering I usually only write 1-2 posts/month. I'm going to head back to February when we celebrated our niece Elizabeth's first birthday. Jen, Ed, and Elizabeth had recently moved to North Carolina and they decided they couldn't let such a momentous occasion as a first birthday go by without celebrating with family and friends. Nancy and Don hosted the party at their house, and Jen supplied the food, cake, and decorations. EB loves Curious George so that was the birthday theme. Leading up to the party, Emily was excited to see her cousin and Aunt Jen and Uncle Ed. She was really excited to get an opportunity to eat cake and ice cream and sing the birthday song!

Emily got Elizabeth a farm tractor with little farm animals in the wagon. The tractor can move, make noises, and all the farm animals make their appropriate sounds. It was one of Emily's favorite 1-2 yr. old toys so we decided to buy one for EB. 

 Curious George Cake (Cakes by Lisa E.)

Party Favors

 Kiddie Table

Tasting Cake...

Yummy! (Look at those eyes!)


Ed and Jen with their birthday girl.

This may be my favorite photo. It cracks me up! 

Happy first birthday, sweet girl. You are a delight and we look forward to watching you grow up!

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