Thursday, January 9, 2014

15 mon. Caleb

Our sweet baby boy turned 15 months on December 23rd, my birthday. He looked adorable, but you know what? I could barely get a photo of that stinker with me on my birthday to save my life! He was too busy being well...15 months! You know, all squirmy and "put me down mom! I've got cars to play with!"

It's been awhile since I wrote a post about our little guy. He's certainly changed a lot since his birthday! I'm loving this stage SO much.

Fine/Gross Motor:

~Runs! His little legs move so fast! He's running all over the playground and uneven surfaces. He likes to go up and down curb steps. Maybe he's practicing gong up/downstairs like a "big boy."

~Climbs! He's really good at ascending stairs, usually by crawling up them, but he's also able to walk up them if he has a rail or someone's hand to hold. He's able to go downstairs, but not safely of course. He tends to sit on his bottom and and "bump" down one at a time.

~Uses a fork/spoon (when allowed by mama--it is so messy that we don't let him practice at every meal!)

~Uses those little hands to do all types of play with his toys and blocks. He especially likes to hold smallish toys in his tiny fist.

~Throws and kicks balls, occasionally able to catch it when thrown to him. Enjoys hitting balloons back and forth and catching them in the air.

We scheduled a cut with Ms. Val while we were in KY. We miss her!

Comprehension and Expression:

~This may be my favorite part of the 1-2 year development. I love seeing his understanding grow. Even if he has few words he speaks, he understands so many now. It is awesome to see him follow through with instructions, nod yes/no appropriately, etc. I haven't bothered with teaching him baby sign language because he is easily able to communicate what he wants through pointing and gestures. For example, when he gets restless in his high chair, I ask him, "Are you all done? Do you want down?" He lifts both arms up in the air and looks up at me for me to get him down. Sometimes, he nods his head in agreement and says, "YES!"

~Spoken words include "mama", "dada," "bird," "car," "go," "thank you," "yes," "no," "ball," "dog," "Emma," "Pop," "bubble," "outside," "this," "cheese," "apple," "down," and "uh oh!" I'm sure I'm forgetting something. He says a lot these days. He repeats lots and lots of our words and small phrases when we ask him to "Say _____."   Of course many of his words are still babyish and aren't pronounced perfectly. "Thank you" is all garbled, but there is no doubt what he's saying and he uses it appropriately--like after we give him food. :) His first sentence was "It's a car." 

Favorite Toys:

~Our boy LOVES, LOVES, LOVES balls and cars. He is completely obsessed with balls. I keep several in the back hatch of the car so when I open it to get out the stroller, he goes crazy, saying "Ball! Ball! Ball!" If we are at the playground and I forget to bring a ball, he zones in on one as soon as we get there. Doesn't matter if there are big boys on the basketball court or tossing football in the grass or kicking soccer balls--whatever. He goes to the ball and will try to take it or be a part of the game. I didn't think he would like small hot wheels type cars so soon, but oh he does!

~Caleb also enjoys cuddling with his lovey, cuddling with other stuffed animals, playing at Emily's Calico Critters table (although he mostly plays with the cars, motorcycle and horse!) and reading books. When he's in the right mood, he would let me read 10 books in a row! He loves to pick them out from his shelf, bring them to me, and cuddle up in my lap. Of course I love it and can't get enough of his sweetness.

Hanging out with our little cousins, Madelyn and Cooper

Cheesy grin that mama loves

Doll baby

Pure Sweetness:

~It's not just girls that are "sugar and spice and everything nice." Caleb is just as sweet as he can be at this age. He likes to play a game with Jeremy and me where he runs back and forth between us giving us hugs. He pretty much gives me a hug and kiss any time I ask for one. If Jeremy and I are being affectionate and hugging one another, he runs up to our legs and joins in on the family hugs. He will even let me hold him and rock him. I can't believe it! He's often pretty squirmy about me holding him when he is intent on doing something else, but at nap time and bedtimes, he allows it--especially if I give him the lovey to clutch while I snuggle him under covers.

~He has the sweetest temperament. He is quick to laugh and smile. He loves to dance. Any of the toys that make music, get used a lot. He happily dances to the tune.

~I love how he says my name. "Mama." He doesn't use it all the time, but he sure knows how to call me when he needs me or wants me. It is the sweetest sound.

First Flights:

Caleb's first flight was when we left KY for San Francisco. He was 10 months old. He did especially well on that trip because we took his car seat on the plane with us since Twitter bought everyone a ticket. He slept better in the car seat and it was nice to have the extra space. He only fussed for a few minutes when he was sleepy and trying to settle for a nap. We did everything we could to keep him entertained and happy.

Our flights home for Christmas were harder. At fifteen months, he's used to being more mobile and walking. Also, we didn't splurge on an extra ticket for Caleb since he could still travel for free as a lap baby. We managed pretty well and he did fine, but it was hard and stressful at times. Luckily, he did nap for an hour or so on both flights. He could have napped longer if I could hold him more still. Have you ever tried to hold a sleeping baby for that long and not squirm? It is really hard. My frequent readjustments finally woke him.

Eating Habits:

Caleb has gotten much pickier, I am sad to say. He still loves cheese, fruits, yogurt, bread, rice and a few vegetables. He pretty much eats any of the squeeze pouches of fruit/veggie purees that I give him. However, he barely eats any meats (just fish sticks and occasionally small pieces of ground turkey/hamburger). We offer and offer and he picks up the tiniest of pieces and throws them off his high chair tray. He won't eat eggs either, unlike Emily who loves them. I'm going to have to try to "hide" his meat in his grilled cheese sandwiches or puree it? I'm not sure what to do, but it is frustrating that he will no longer eat some of the foods he once liked. He drinks a couple of cups of whole milk in a sippy cup each day. He is able to hold his cup himself, but sometimes needs help tipping it up when it is less than half full. I have almost completely weaned him. He nurses once at night at bedtime. It is a special rock and cuddle time for us. I plan to wean completely by 18 months or earlier, but have decided that since it brings us both contentment (and a healthy dose of mom's immunity), there was no need to stop the day he turned one! I also wanted to get him through the winter months so maybe we could prevent a few illnesses.

Their expressions crack me up! Love our cousin, Elizabeth!

 And a note for Caleb,

We were so happy to celebrate Christmas with our families and share your 15 month cuteness with them! You have already traveled more than I ever did in sixteen years! Hopefully our flights home will get easier in time. We love watching you grow in your understanding and hear what you will say next. I love that you still let me cuddle and rock you some at night.

I have lost count of how many haircuts you have had now. Five? Six? Who knows. You have a head FULL of dark hair and it grows incredibly fast.

I'm still addicted to your super soft baby cheeks, long eyelashes, and sweet hugs and kisses. You are such a joy to us all and we LOVE you so very much. Happy 15 months, little buddy.



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