Thursday, January 29, 2015

Remembering little conversations and moments

Sometimes, when I write down funny conversations, you can't fully appreciate how cute it really was. You can't hear the beautiful, childish sound of a two year old boy's voice. You can't hear the inflection in his voice or see the big brown eyes and curly hair. Caleb and I had a little back and forth conversation one night this week while he was playing with his cars in the living room. It went like this:

Me: Caleb, it's time to go upstairs and put on your PJs.
Caleb: And then we'll read books?
Me: Yes and then we'll read some books.
Caleb: And then I'll go to sleep?
Me: Yes, and then it will be time to go to sleep.
Caleb: And then I'll wake up?
Me: Yes, and then we'll wake up.
Caleb: And then I'll play cars again?
Me: Yes, and then you can play cars again.

This boy LIVES to play cars. It's beautiful to me how simple and sweet his little life is. It's all about sleep, play, and eating!

Last Sunday, Jeremy and I planned a little after church lunch and playtime at Mission Dolores Park in the City. We go to San Francisco every Sunday morning for church, but we almost always go straight home because it's easier to have lunch at home and Caleb and Anna need to nap. Sunday was a nice day, so we decided to do a picnic lunch at the park and let the children play at the super cool playground that's there. Jeremy picked up some sandwiches at a local restaurant near church and then we headed to the park. It was only a mile or so from church. I knew it would be crowded there on a warm, Sunday afternoon, but I was itching to do something a little different from our ordinary routine. Luckily, we found street parking without too much hassle that was a short walk to the children's playground. The grassy area was so covered with people hanging out and eating that it looked like an outdoor concert might be taking place soon! It was great for people watching. You can't fully appreciate the diversity that is San Francisco until you've been to Mission Dolores Park on a warm Sunday afternoon. You see lots of racial diversity as well as cultural and lifestyle diversity. The funniest thing was seeing this guy in dreadlocks work the crowd with his music while selling fresh coconuts with a pour of whiskey. He would cut up the coconut and then pour a little shot into it. It was interesting to watch him and so strange!

After eating our picnic lunch, we headed to the children's playground. Caleb spent most of his time in the sand pit jumping off a 2 ft ledge into the sand over and over and over again. Emily played on slides and scaled the climbing walls and scampered all over the place with Jeremy doing his best to keep track of her. Anna Kate slept or rested in the Ergo baby carrier. The thing I will remember most about this playground trip was how sweet Emily and Caleb played together. After Caleb tired of the sand pit, Emily talked him into going down the big slides with her. They were a bit intimidating for a two year old! Jeremy went down with him the first time, but after that Caleb and Emily slid down together over and over again. Emily sat down and then helped little brother get between her legs and they slid down together. The pure joy and happiness on his face was priceless. To see her patiently wait for him every time was just precious. We bragged on what a good big sister she was to him and Emily lit up with the compliments. She said, "It's like I'm the big sister mama!" She's been saying that a lot as she "mothers" Anna Kate, too. Emily has fully embraced her big sister role and it is charming to see her confidence.

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