Friday, May 22, 2015

Six Months for Anna Kate

On April 25th, we had six month photos taken of Anna Kate and the kids. The photo session was mainly for Anna, but I couldn't resist getting at least one good pic of all the siblings. It is SO hard for us to get photos of all of them together! Inevitably, one of the three is in an uncooperative mood and it's usually Caleb! I was so disappointed that we were unable to get a good photo of all three of them at the newborn session with Carissa--totally not her fault. I learned my lesson to never schedule an appt. after Caleb's nap ever again. (He is often slow to wake up and is in a bad mood for awhile.) So, we made this photo shoot for first thing in the morning and headed over to San Francisco for Mrs. Rachel Blackwell to do her thing! All of these photos were taken by Rachel. (We own the rights to them.)

My little photogenic girl. Hope she never loses her sparkle. 

This one may be my fav. Those Eyes! That Hair! And sucking on her sweet lip! Darling!

Oh, the precious chubby rolls and toes and that smile! 

Wish we would have started in this outfit instead of ended in it. Love the blue on her.



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