Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter Weekend

Dinkney and Poppy came out to visit us for Spring Break this year. Luckily, the first weekend coincided with Easter so we got to enjoy Easter Sunday activities with them at our church and at our home. I took many photos this week so I'll have to divide this post up. 

Doing Fashion Plates with Poppy. This was a blast from the past toy Dinkney found for Emily. 

Anna Kate relished in all the extra reading she got from grandparents.
She would pick out a book then plop herself right in their laps. 

Sweet affection from big brother

Fun Easter gifts from grandparents and Mom and Dad.
We actually bought the Lego set for them for Christmas, but they got too much then so we saved it for another occasion.

I love this photo so much. 

Sweet girls dressed alike

We managed a family photo with help from the grandparents

One day little Caleb will cooperate for family photos...I hope. 

Prepping for Easter dinner. Emily helped me make the bunny dessert.
Dirt Cake with a Bunny theme. Found this recipe on Facebook and it was a hit with the kids.

Our urban church doesn't have a place to do Easter egg hunts and my MOPS church did theirs Easter morning while we were in SF. We have opted out of the city-wide egg hunt because it's a little chaotic and the candy sub-par. ha! We have done our own egg hunts for the past three years with just our kids. It kind of makes me sad that the kids don't get the friendly competition aspect, but it has just worked better for our schedule to do it with just our little family. The grandparents helped us fill about 30 eggs with coins and/or jelly beans. We headed up to our local park after Sunday naps and enjoyed the fresh air and exercise. Poppy and Daddy did a great job hiding the eggs and the kids had a lot of fun with their hunt. 

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  1. Love the fashion plates ideas! That brings back memories! And makes me jealous...pretty sure my boys would not like it if I got one for them! Ha! Also...I can totally relate to how hard it is to get Caleb to take pictures. 3 boys make it pretty much impossible without threats and bribes!