Saturday, February 6, 2010

Emily is almost 6 months old. She's been really healthy so far which I attribute to mommy's milk and Grancy and Poppy keeping her out of daycare! She has had her first stuffy nose and cough this past week, but no fever. We've been using her humidifier and saline nose drops. She's slept normally and she has been in her usual mood. I did notice that she didn't eat as much of her solid food for a couple of days so maybe she wasn't feeling good then. Anyway, I haven't taken her to the doctor because so far she doesn't seem to need to go. Next week she gets her 6 mon. shots and I'll have Dr. Lehocky check her out then unless we go sooner because of worsening symptoms.

Today Jeremy and Emily came to visit me at work at Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital. It was a nice treat to enjoy their company over lunch and some yummy Quizno's hot subs. There wasn't that many people working today so a lot of my work friends didn't get to see her, but the ones who did couldn't believe how much she has grown! Emily hasn't been to work with me since she was just a few weeks old. Jeremy manages Emily well as the full-time Daddy on my weekends, but he said he was REALLY tired by 3-4 o'clock and couldn't wait for me to get home!

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