Friday, February 26, 2010

Thankful for my "village"

This week I have been particularly thankful for the "village" that helps us raise our baby girl. Emily enjoys one on one care at her Grancy and Poppy's house on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but grandparents deserve a vacation every now and then! Don and Nancy left Wednesday night for a trip to Texas to visit Jennifer. Wednesday they watched her half a day and Janice Dunn was initiated into Emily caregiving that afternoon.Today, Nan came from Bowling Green and spent the whole day with Emily. On Monday, Jeremy is going to watch her half a day and Chelsea is going to babysit 4 hrs. in the afternoon. I was prepared to call in at work if we didn't have any options, but thankfully everything is working out splendidly! I am glad for my Mom to know more of Emily's personality and to see all of her latest accomplishments! Janice hasn't been able to hold Emily for more than 5 min. since she was born so I was so happy she could keep her a few hours on Wednesday. Chelsea has been a wonderful, reliable babysitter and we are glad that she is on our list of friends and family who can help. Just wish my sister and sisters-in-law lived closer because we would love for Emily (and us) to see them more.

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