Sunday, March 27, 2011


Oh, it is SO good to be home this Sunday. I was supposed to work all weekend, but I ended up only having to work yesterday. I love being with my family on Sundays for church, for rest, and for play! Also, today we will be watching our beloved CATS play in the NCAA tournament Elite 8! (I have to quit blogging and go wash our UK clothes!) This means Emmy gets to wear her UK cheerleading outfit again! Woohoo!

Jeremy started a new job this week with LeapFrog Interactive (a digital advertising agency, NOT the toy company.) We are excited and proud of him! It was one of those things where his local contacts paid off in a big way because he wasn't even really looking for a job when this opportunity came up. He has been self-employed for about a year and a half. Last year was the first complete year of being self-employed. We have learned a lot. For one, paying taxes isn't fun. We paid estimated quarterly taxes throughout the year, but still owed Uncle Sam a significant amount! I have been so proud that Jeremy has been able to provide for us well during these difficult economic times. Even when Jeremy was laid off, I never worried that we could pay our bills because he had freelance clients outside of his Red7e job and I was still working part-time. I have been thankful for friends and family that were able to throw work his way (e.g. Jeff and Kelli Miller with VO2, Will with projects for Living Hope, Dan Simon with work for minor league baseball and Louisville Slugger, Scott Fitzpatrick and a Lexington client, Jennifer with Baylor work, etc.) We are thankful for the opportunities. He enjoyed being an entrepreneur and getting new accounts. He really enjoyed being his own boss and the flexibility of his schedule. However, there is a stress that comes from frequently thinking about future business accounts and where those would come from. Also, there was always the question of where did we see the business going? Would he like to expand? Find an office outside of the home? Join forces with a colleague and mentor? Hire additional people? What was the ultimate goal? Did we have one?

When I look back at the last year and a half, I really see God's timing. Jeremy lost his job when Emily was barely 3 months old. This would seem in the world's eyes to be terrible timing! But, in losing that job, he was home more to witness Emily's first year and a half. He was able to take her to his Mom and Dad's on days I worked and not have to worry about making it to the office on time. On my days off from work, Emily and I could visit him in his home office, eat lunch together, or make him take off early if we couldn't wait any longer for him to come and play. I was able to run errands while she napped and he would be home to listen for her. I didn't realize how special it was for him to get these little glimpses of his baby girl until the thought of not seeing her as much caused tears in his eyes. I have promised him that we will try to do lunch with him at least once a month. Hopefully, the adjustment will go well. I pray we have made the right decision.

Today I am thankful:

81) that God provided for our family while Jeremy was self-employed.
82) that we have sufficient funds saved in the business account to pay for taxes
83) that Jeremy has a new, exciting job!
84) that Jeremy really likes his co-workers and boss
85) that the McLean family continue to be a blessing with Emily's childcare on Mondays/Fridays.
86) that the McLean's children adore Emily.
87) that in just a few weeks, we will be meeting our niece, Elizabeth!
88) for a wonderful worship time with family this morning
89) that this March snow has already melted!
90) that the Cats will provide entertainment and excitement for us tonight!

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  1. I am glad you didn't have to work today!!! WOO HOO!!

    I am also excited for Jer's new job and the possibilities it will open for you and for him.