Thursday, March 17, 2011


Luckily, we had a few warmer days in February where we were able to get to the playground. We have a playground at a local church that is two blocks from our house. There is also a nicer playground a half mile from our house at George Rogers Clark Park. Sometimes, Emily and I take the stroller to the park further away, but usually, we just hold hands and walk to the closest one. Emily mostly likes to climb the stairs and run around. She likes the slide, but still does NOT like to swing. Here's a few photos of our day.

February and March are birthday months for Don and Jeremy. We celebrated Don's birthday at Don and Nancy's home along with some friends of theirs from England that just happened to be in town. Here's a few photos of the birthday boy on February 2nd with Miss Emily.

The last month has flown by! Emily turned 19 months on Jeremy's birthday, March 8th. This year, we treated Dad to a yummy cherry chocolate pie from the Homemade Pie Kitchen. It is sinfully delicious and temporarily wrecked my spring weightloss plan since I had a slice a day until it was all gone!

We didn't get around to taking cute photos for Valentine's Day, but we had a fun evening. Jeremy and I got Emmy some books, special snacks, and a BIG bear for Valentine's Day. She loves it. She kisses him good night in the evenings, leans on him when she "reads" her books, and sometimes gets in knock-down-drag-out wrestling matches with him. (He's bigger than she is.) It is pretty hilarious. Maybe I can get a video of that, soon! I got Jeremy some replacement lenses for his Oakley sunglasses and he got me pink tulips and a massage! (I was badly needing a massage and it was perfect.) Valentine's Day fell on a Monday this year which was kind of a bummer because by the time we all got home from work and ate dinner, it was about time to put Emmy to bed. Jeremy and I had an evening out the Saturday before V-Day and had a nice dinner/movie at the Pittman's house.

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