Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Early days at home

We were blessed that both of the grandmothers were able to fly out to spend some time with us after Anna Kate was born. I don't think we quite realized how much they were helping until after they left! While they were here, they helped us get the big kids their breakfast and helped Emily get ready and off for school. Jeremy was able to get a shower and get ready for the day at that time. Since they left, I'm not sure if either of us have been able to be showered and completely ready for the day by 8am!

My mom came first and was here for about ten days right after Anna Kate was born. Obviously, we didn't get out much as I was recovering and nursing all the time. Mom had good quality time with the kids at the park, walking Emily to/from school, attending our church with Jeremy (Anna Kate and I rested at home), trick-or-treating, and many other every day special moments.

Nancy came when Anna was about three weeks old and stayed a week. By then, we were able to do a little more. We spent one day at the Bay Area Discovery Museum and another at Children's Fairyland. I went to church with Anna for the first time, but it was still probably too soon. Sure enough, I spent the whole time in the mother/baby room (aka the "cry" room aka the "nursing" room.) Both of their visits feel like a complete blur to me. The time passed so quickly! Here' a few photos of our early days with Anna Kate and the grandmothers.

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