Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 5

Potty training update: Emily is doing better. Today, she has only had one pee accident and that was first thing this morning after taking her out of her pull-ups. I think it takes her a bit to realize she has to wake up and go to potty. She stayed dry while we went to the grocery. I also took her to the park for about an hour and she stayed dry. Yeah! However, she has not made it to the potty for either of her BMs. The first time I was giving her verbal reminders every few minutes after breakfast reminding her to go to the potty when she needed to poop. That didn't work. Oh well. One of these days we're going to get it all together. Some days she does better at going to the potty for her poops and other days does better with the pee.

I deserve "mother of the year" for this past Sunday (sarcasm). We decided to continue with her potty training so we would not use pull-ups at church. I figured surely she could make it an hour during Sunday School and Jeremy and I were assigned her 2 yr. old class for worship care and could help her. I packed up some changes of underwear, a change of stockings, and a whole outfit change, plus a few pull-ups if we were having a really bad time. I LEFT IT ALL AT HOME! Aggh! I realized it as soon as we got out of our car and her bag wasn't in it. Luckily, I had a pull-up in the car and one in my purse! As soon as we walked into church, she peed in her underwear and stockings. Well, that lasted 30 seconds! I took off her stockings and explained to her teachers why she was bare legged in January (at least it was a warm January day!) We had to use the pull-ups for the rest of Sunday morning, but she did go to the potty 2 or 3 times while there.

Nan kept her at our house yesterday while her sitter was on vacation. She had a few accidents, but mostly successes. One of my favorite quotes from Emily during this whole potty training week was from Friday. After 2 pee accidents in a row and I'm still cleaning up one while she does another one on the floor, Emily starts climbing upstairs. I ask her, "Where are you going?" Emily says, "To get my diaper." The way she said it was hilarious, especially since she doesn't really pronounce the "r" in diaper and her timing was spot on.

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