Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December Fun

The holidays are so busy. I knew I wouldn't have time to blog last month. It is especially busy with two little ones. However, this was the first time in years that I was not working during Christmas because I was on maternity leave. I found it much easier to finish my shopping, wrapping, baking, and decorating when I could do it a little bit at a time. It was also more enjoyable. I usually get very stressed and anxious every year during December, but this year was much better. Most of my shopping was done online this year. The rest I finished with morning trips to stores after dropping off Emily at preschool. It wasn't always easy with Caleb in tow, but easier than shopping with two! Also, Jeremy and I enjoyed one evening out for dinner and shopping without the kids. That was fun because Jeremy and I almost never shop together. It literally felt weird to walk through Target together! Also, it was fun to shop that evening because we had won $150 in Target gift cards that week from Jeremy's work party. We also won a $50 Amazon card that we used to purchase a Corolle ballerina doll and doll highchair for Emily.

Here's some December highlights and I will follow up with a separate post for Christmas when I can.

Photo Shoot #1 for Christmas Card. Caleb crying; Emily looking angelic, but in reality we were having to bribe her like crazy to hold her brother.

Photo Shoot #2, take about 100. This was as good as we could get! It was incredibly frustrating to try to get a photo of these two at home for our baby announcement/Christmas card! Especially since we had perfectly adorable photos we wanted to use from our newborn photography session, but our photographer charges about two arms and three legs for the digital rights. 

Poppy and Emmy at Galt House Hotel Downtown

Family photo at Galt House

Em and Pop in front of one of the Kalightoscope horses

The Galt House is always decorated beautifully for Christmas and they used to have a huge, real gingerbread village you could see. I told Emily all about it only to find out that this year you had to pay to see it with the Kalightoscope ticket. (We've done Kalightoscope before and didn't think it would be worth it this year.) Luckily, she didn't make a big fuss because there were other things to see and do for free. Don and Nancy met us at the Galt House for about an hour before they worked a show next door at the Kentucky Center. Later, Jeremy, Caleb, Emily and I took a walk down 4th street to see the huge tree at 4th street Live and enjoy the Christmas lights downtown. It was a pleasant evening to walk. We finished up with dinner at Bristol. Overall, it was a successful family outing!

We went to Bowling Green for Maddie's first birthday party December 8th.

Kids' table

Some of Becca's handiwork. Aren't they adorable?

Uncle Stephen and Emmy at Dad's surprise party.

Love this precious photo of Dad and Caleb

Aunt Becca and Silly Emily 

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Dad. All of Mom and Dad's siblings and in-laws got together at Olive Garden for a belated Happy 60th party. Dad was truly surprised and we were happy to spend the day celebrating birthdays.

Dec. 23: Celebrating my birthday with Caleb

Mom, Dad, and Memommy surprised me with a birthday visit. In case you can't tell, Emily didn't want to take a photo. 

I will also remember that 2012 was the first year I was able to attend Jeremy's Leapfrog work party with him. (Emily had been sick last year and I couldn't go.) We won $200 in prizes at the party! 

We started the family tradition of using an advent calendar to count down days until Christmas. I read a scripture every day to Emily that was tucked into the corresponding day and then she got some kind of small treat such as a small piece of candy, or a Christmas library book (or new one). Emily and I both enjoyed the advent calendar. 

We spent lots of time with Jen and Elizabeth while they were in town visiting. 

I took Emily and Caleb to the Bass Pro Shop's Christmas Wonderland which included all kinds of free stuff such as remote control trains, cars, a carousel, coloring time, Santa (Emily still has no interest in setting on Santa's lap.) We had just as much fun walking around in the store to see the huge aquarium and animals as we did in the Christmas section.

Jeremy, Emily and I enjoyed a fun party at the Ryan's new home. They threw a huge party! There must have been 50+ people there. We enjoyed a night out with just our big girl. Throughout the season, we loved looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights while driving. Emily especially loved the special effort that our neighbors made to make their home beautiful. 

We made many wonderful memories at home and during the Christmas season. I am blessed with a wonderful family.

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