Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Three Months Old and a Birthday for Me

Our little man turned three months old on my birthday, December 23rd. It is kind of cool that our birthdays are both on the 23rd day of the month. (Jeremy and Emily are both born on the eighth day of the month--March 8 and August 8.) This year my birthday fell on a Sunday. We went to church that morning and enjoyed the last advent Sunday. The music was beautiful. Mom, Dad, and Memommy surprised me with a little impromptu visit to Louisville. I walked into the sanctuary and there they were patiently waiting for me. I love good surprises! Mom said that Memommy had looked forward to the trip all week. Hearing that made my day! After worship, we headed to That Place on Goss Ave. for a yummy brunch. Jeremy and I recently found this unique restaurant that is near where we live. It is inside a HUGE antique mall and they serve a good brunch every Sunday. We had my birthday meal there. Don, Jennifer, and Elizabeth were able to join us, too. (Nancy was working at the hospital that day.) We went back to our house for presents, cake, and rest time. It was a nice, simple birthday.

Now for Caleb's 3 month update! Stats: 13 lbs. 10 oz. He didn't have a well baby check up this month so I took him to the Babyology store to get weighed. He is wearing mostly 3 mon. clothing and some 3-6 mon. 

Milestones, Discoveries and Accomplishments:

~Rolled over (prone to supine) on Dec. 28th at Nan and Pop's house.

~Sleeping through the night. Yippee!

~Laughing out loud and squealing.

~Actively kicks arms and legs when happy (such as while watching mobile or on play mat.)

~Brings hands together.

~Likes to chew and slobber on his hands. He's discovered his feet and likes to stare at them when he is propped up sitting.

~Blows Bubbles

Look at me! I can blow bubbles now!

And I smile all the time, too.

Birthdays for us! Thirty something for me and 3 months for Caleb.

I wanted to get a photo of both kiddos all dressed up in their Christmas outfits, but Emily was uncooperative that day. 


~Loves his "talk table" aka the changing table. Not that he likes having his diaper changed, but he likes the interaction with Mom and Dad when our faces are close to him and we can "talk."

~Still likes his mobile and play mat. Likes to listen to musical toys.

~Our guy loves sleeping on his belly. I know that this isn't recommended, but Emily slept on her stomach from an early age, too. I stressed about the belly sleeping with Emily for months, but I don't with him. Is that bad? (Now that I wrote that down, I'm kind of stressing...)

~Loves tummy time especially when he has his new mirror. He cracks himself up and it really motivates him to hold his head up higher.

~Like most babies, Caleb loves to be cuddled close and rocked.

~Loves his soothie paci, but he can cope pretty well without it. He is a finger sucker, too!

Play Mat Fun

Christmas Eve

He thinks his Daddy is pretty funny

Eating and Sleeping Habits:

Caleb nurses about every three hours during the day. I try to do about six feedings a day. Sometimes I group the last two feedings of the night closer together. I usually wake Caleb up right before I go to bed at around 11:30 pm for a diaper change and his last feeding. From about 9-11 wks of age, Caleb was sleeping through the night really well. We should have known it wouldn't last forever. Sigh. We are off now due to all the Christmas craziness and because he has a cold. I try to get Caleb to sleep between 7:30 and 8:30 pm. He sleeps from then until I wake him up at around 11:30 pm for a feeding.  Then he usually sleeps until about 8:30 am. If I don't wake him up for a late night feeding (and sometimes I don't), I can expect that he will wake earlier (like between 5 and 6:30 am), but he still goes back to sleep for a few more hours after an early morning feeding. 

Caleb caught his first cold a few days ago. I think it is just a cold; we haven't been to the doctor and he isn't running a fever. Anyway, poor guy has trouble breathing at night once his nose gets stuffed up. Last night was rough with him waking up twice and me holding him and rocking him for 1-2 hrs. at a time so he could rest comfortably.

Caleb takes a good consistent morning nap of about 1 1/2 hrs. Afternoon naps are a toss up. Sometimes it is marathon of 2-3 hrs. and other times it is a bunch of short naps. He usually takes a short power nap in the evening.

Tried out the Bumbo this Christmas


~Winter months are coming up. I hate feeling cooped up, but we will definitely not be getting out as much with a a little baby. This will also be hard on Emily as she loves to be outdoors for play time.

~I think we are going to be "challenged" in the hair department. Caleb is rubbing a bald spot on the back of his head. His hair is so long that I can almost comb over that area, but then it gets really thick and long again at his nape. We are going to have to cut it soon. I'm hoping to make it another month.

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