Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Steps!

Our little one is WALKING! I can't believe it! It is hard to pin-point the exact day or moment when she took her first step. As with many milestones, it is a gradual process that you get to watch them work on for weeks. She has been pulling up to stand and cruising for awhile. She really started standing well unsupported at 10 mon. This whole week she has been turning to let go of one object (e.g. coffee table) and she is willing to take an unsupported step to the next object. (e.g. play house). This Tuesday June 15th, I must have caught Emily taking steps at LEAST three times! One time, she took about 3-4 unsupported steps before falling into my arms. It is the cutest thing to see a person so small WALK!

I've been busy researching new shoes for Emily. She is going to need them for our outdoor adventures this summer, but barefoot is still best for learning to walk.

I will hopefully capture some video of her walking soon. I imagine that I will have many willing helpers this Father's Day weekend!

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