Monday, June 7, 2010

Texas Vacation

Ed and Jen's Home in Frisco

Saying good-bye on Sunday.

Yesterday we got back from a 4-day trip to Frisco, Texas to visit Ed and Jennifer. It was Emily's first plane trip at almost 10 mon. of age. I was pretty sure she would do just fine at Ed and Jen's house because she's been on a good schedule for months, but I wasn't so sure about how the flight would go. She is SO active now and wants to move, crawl, stand, etc. and of course she isn't allowed to do any of that on the plane. Everything went as well as expected for both plane flights. The flight was direct and just under two hours. The flights departed at noon which is after Emily's morning nap, but during the time of her afternoon nap. I was really hoping she would sleep some on the plane and luckily she slept about an hour both ways. During the time before she fell asleep, Jeremy and I were CONSTANTLY keeping her busy with activities (books, toys, talking to the people behind us, playing with the tray table, standing on our laps, looking out the window, and lots and lots of "hush food.") I have never in my life given a baby so much "hush food" as on this trip. I was passing out rice puffs on the plane and at restaurants, and practically in my sleep. Once after one two many margaritas (one too many meaning about half of a margarita), I even threw some over the table at Ed to give to Emily during dinner while he was holding her. Through all of the change in routine and time change, Emily did pretty well overall. It really helped that Jen already had some of the larger baby gear items at the house so we didn't have to pack our car seat or pack-n-play.

Here's what we did during our brief visit:
Arrived at DFW airport and left for Frisco at around 3pm.
Played and rested at Jen's house that afternoon. (LOVIN' the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn House!)
Dinner in Frisco at a yummy Tex-Mex place across from the Soccer complex.
Everyone crashes early due to travel fatigue.

Lunch and shopping at the Legacy Shops.
Cook-out at Ed and Jen's with Nathan, Courtney, and 2-year old Jacob.

Swim time at the local pool.
Jon Hall came by to visit us.
Cigars and Bourbon for the guys.
Nap time and quiet reading time for Emily and me.
Quick shopping outing to Carter's (Why oh why can't Louisville have a Carter's store?)
Dinner at Ann and Joe Lee's house in Lakeside, Texas.
(Wicked play for Ed and Jen that night)

Time to pack up and leave. Time went by way too fast.

We had plenty of down time to enjoy being together and to play with Emily which was the whole point of the trip. Wish we would have stayed another day, but we will know better next time.

Emily watching the clouds

Playing with her new horsey "Rachel Alexander"

Dad keeping Emily entertained at Louisville airport.
We had a 1 1/2 hr. delay and we thoroughly wore Emily out
before getting on the plane!


  1. We thoroughly enjoyed your visit and are so glad you came! I miss being greeted every morning in the kitchen with her sweet little "hi!" And now we know when to cut you off from the margaritas ;)

  2. Thanks Jen! We are glad we got to see your new home and get some quality time with you and Ed.