Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

Memorial Day has come and gone and in my book, that means it is officially SUMMER! We have kicked it off with a trip to the zoo with Amy Graybeal and her boys and an outing to Lakeside! It took Emily a little while to warm up to the Splash Park at the zoo, but she wasn't the least bit hesitant at the pool. She stayed in so long that her little toes were all shriveled! The best part was that Jeremy, my mom, and Nancy were all there for her first dip in the pool! Mom came up to visit to get another "Emily fix" before she starts full time Grandma duty for Cooper next week. Mom just retired last week and we recently attended her retirement dinner in Bowling Green. Mom managed to work 22 years at the same place and that was AFTER staying home with all of us until Stephen was in kindergarten. (I don't think I'm ever going to manage to stay at the same place for that long, but I am going on 6 yrs. at Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital.) I have lots of photos of Mom's retirement and today's trip to the pool, but here's a few I could upload quickly from my camera.

Random notes:

On Monday, I noticed that Emily clapped her hands together for the first time. Well, she mainly hit her hands together without making the "clap" sound, but she still did it! She was imitating me clapping my hands and she was in the grocery cart at Kroger's. She is very friendly when we are out and about. She must have said "Hi" to at least 5 people while we were in the store. It actually sounds like she is saying "Hi" and she does it to get attention so they will look at her. We have started asking her to "Give us a five" and sometimes she will smack at our hands. Tonight I was changing her diaper right before bed and she said "mama." It was the sweetest thing! The lights were out in her room and she was actually lying still and quiet on her changing table (and she's never lying still.) I looked at her and said "mama" and she imitated and said it right back in a quiet voice. Man, I wish you could just bottle that feeling up and keep it with you forever.

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