Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today was Emily's first haircut! I can't believe that she is only 5 mon. 3 wks old and already needing her hair cut. I always thought you were supposed to wait at least a year before cutting your baby's hair, but in this case, a year would have been WAY too long. Her hair was covering her eyes and getting in her way. Hair accessories weren't for looks; they were necessities! Jeremy and I took some really good "bed head" photos after her morning nap to try to truly capture the unruliness of her hair. Valarie Logue was Emily's hair dresser. She had offered weeks ago at church to cut her hair whenever we were ready. She did a great job! Emily behaved pretty well, but she did get a little fidgety as you can imagine. I held her in my lap and Valarie worked her magic as quickly as possible! Emily was intrigued by the blow dryer and didn't cry at all while her hair was styled. We enjoyed having everyone at the beauty shop compliment our baby girl! However, something about that first hair cut kind of makes them look more grown up. Mom is a little sad about that!