Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentine's/President's Day Weekend

View from Coastal Trail: Land's End
Emily had a four day weekend off from school for President's weekend and Jeremy had a three day weekend off work. It's a common time for families in the Bay Area to go skiing around the Lake Tahoe area, but Jeremy and I decided it would still be too challenging to go with Anna Kate without extra help. Even Caleb is a little young. I decided to throw a little Valentine's play date party on Friday for the kids. I'm a table leader again at MOPS this year so I invited my group of gals and their kids. We had five mamas and nine kids who were able to attend. I didn't take any photos because I was busy managing the mild chaos and talking with my friends as we could in between children interruptions.

On Saturday morning, we visited Lake Temescal for the first time. We had a great time, especially since we met up with one of Jeremy's former Twitter co-workers and his family. The lake was just 20 minutes away from our house. It had a good mix of paved and dirt trails, park atmosphere, a couple of play structures, and a great climbing rock. I believe I'll add it to our rotation of local places to visit more regularly.

Sunday was Valentine's Day. The kids had presents from both grandparents that they opened over the weekend and a few small treats from us Sunday morning before church. We are so blessed by the kindness and generosity of our grandparents who send regular care packages. I have a hard time getting to the post office in time and sending out cards/gifts from a distance. I appreciate the great efforts they make to do special things for the children when it requires far more planning now that we live so far away.

Caleb's expression is ridiculous, but I included this because of how cute the girls looked. 

On Monday, we had hoped to go to Half Moon Bay which is about an hour from our house. For some reason, we still haven't managed to visit there in 2 1/2 years! It seems farther away than it really is. We were a little indecisive on Sunday night about our plans because Caleb had gotten sick earlier that day (first time for him). We were worried that he might still be under the weather or someone else would get sick. It was really weird. He woke up from his Sunday nap with a fever, threw up around 5pm, and then was practically back to normal after that. It's Tuesday now and he still hasn't been sick anymore. I'm hoping the rest of us are in the clear as well. Anyway, we weren't certain if the Half Moon Bay outing would work out or not. Finally, I just made a judgment call Monday morning that we would go because I spend enough days around the house. Since Jeremy and Emily were off work/school, I wanted to take advantage of the holiday.

We got a little late start (so many things to pack even for a day trip.) Then, no sooner did we cross the San Mateo/Haward bridge, we hit traffic. Our app showed heavy traffic the whole way to Half Moon Bay. We were barely moving. So, either all of the Bay Area decided to head there for a warm February day or there was a bad wreck. Either way, Anna Kate gets really fussy in the car if we aren't moving. (Really, does anyone like being stuck in traffic?) So, we aborted that mission and decided to go to Land's End instead--not exactly on the way, but since we were already on the peninsula, we decided we'd do that. Plus, I love, love, love Land's End. It's one of my favorite places in all of San Francisco and we've only been there ONCE! (Shame on us.) We've done similar outings at other areas in the Presidio or Marin, but only Land's End once and that was over two years ago. 

Emily looking confident. Check out her new smile. 

The kids thought the sea cave was the coolest.
Exploring the ruins of the Sutra Baths 

One tired little boy. Thankfully, he made it back up the 138 stairs to the look-out area before asking to go home.

Love this so much. That coast, surf, sky, and my girl.
Anna Kate's first official Golden Gate Bridge photo and it was nap time. ha!
Emily took advantage of Anna Kate falling asleep on me and hitched a ride on the way back to the car.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Patio Play

We have enjoyed the outdoor living area of our new rental home immensely! We use it often. I keep several larger toys out here, balls/gloves, basketball goal, etc. I have two gates where I can keep Anna Kate semi-contained. I can keep an eye on the kids while I wash dishes from the kitchen window. I can watch them while I'm on the computer or at the kitchen table because of the sliding glass doors that open to the patio. Emily has really enjoyed climbing our Japanese Maple tree while it is bare of leaves. It makes me happy that even on days when I can't quite manage a trip to the park, they can get some fresh air and outdoor play. 

Emmy plays really well with Anna Kate. Here she is pushing her around in the Little Tykes truck.

My 15 month old girl looks pretty strong, does she not? She still had her church outfit on here and then we just changed out her dress shoes for sneakers when she woke up from her nap.


What are you staring at?

Little buddy knows how to use his Strider bike now, but he's outgrowing it! Almost time to get that first real bike. He's learned the balance and now he's peddling more with his big trike as well. He's already riding along with Dad on the attachment bike although he just sits and holds the handle bars for a free ride. He doesn't help much.

Handsome little son.