Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby Babbles

Jeremy and Emily spent all day together today while I worked. I found it quite amusing that when I arrived home, Emily kept saying "da da da da da..." The "Da" consonant sound isn't anything new for her, but I don't think I've ever heard her repeat it so much or imitate us saying it so easily. Coincidence? Or did she understand that she's been around her "dada" all day today? She also has said "mama" a few times, but not as often. I've definitely noticed increased babbling lately. In the car today, she was content talking to herself in her own little baby language. It is really the most precious and innocent sound ever!

Emily will be 10 mon. old in 10 more days. I feel like my baby has become a toddler. When did that happen? She is really a proficient cruiser as she travels around our coffee table and ottoman. In the kitchen, she is starting to do more cabinet walking and she walks around her exersaucer. She loves to stand up and hold our side door as she watches the world go by in our neighborhood. People walk down the sidewalk, and she waves to them. She gets excited to see the cars drive down the road or the neighbors walking their dog. I don't think our glass door will ever stay clean anymore (not that I worried with it much before...) Jeremy and I have seen her stand for several seconds unsupported. I'm afraid any day now she may start trying to take off walking, but I'm hoping it isn't TOO soon.

Jeremy and Emily both got their haircut again today. (That makes 3x for Emily in less than 10 mon.) I hate to say it, but her bangs are WAY too short and uneven. (I wasn't present for this haircut). I'm trying not to give it a second thought because they will be the perfect length in about a month or less. Luckily, it still looks cute if I sweep them to the side with a bow or pull it back on the sides. I know how fidgety she is so I can't really be surprised about a less than stellar haircut. I'll try to post video of the babbles soon.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

On May 9, 2010, I celebrated my very first Mother's Day with sweet Emily! Last year I was very pregnant with Emily and I guess you could argue that that was my first Mother's Day, but I didn't FEEL like a mother last year. Last year I hadn't laid eyes on my beautiful baby girl or held her in my arms or rocked her to sleep in the wee hours of the morning. This year, I can say I've been initiated into motherhood although I am just getting started. My initiation into motherhood goes something like this:

--I've been awakened by my water breaking in the middle of the night and changed pants 5x before arriving to the hospital still wet.
--I've pushed an 8lb 14 oz baby girl out of my body.
--Emily now weighs 18 lbs 10 oz. and her mommy's milk has nourished her every step of the way.
--I'm a pro at cleaning up poo, pee, and spit-up.
--I know that I can survive on very little sleep (for a short period of time!)
--We survived an all day car trip with a 6 week old for our very first family vacation.
--Cleaned up a filthy baby, diaper, and car seat while en route...
--I've witnessed the most special baby moments: smiles, laughter, coos, jabbering, blowing raspberries, rolling over, sitting up, crawling to mommy, wet kisses on the cheek, peek-a-boo, ticklish baby ribs, crazy baby hair, pulling up to stand in the crib, sitting quietly while reading a story, first teeth, first haircut, falling asleep with mouth open, falling asleep with baby bottom in the air, play time in Mommy and Daddy's bed, and the list could go on and on...

This Mother's Day was special because not only was it my first, but it was also Laura and Becca's first Mother's Day. How special it was to be able to celebrate the day with them and their little boys and get to see the baby dedications at church. During the past 9 months, my eyes have been opened to how much work and skill it really takes to be a good mother and to run a household. My mother and mother-in-law make it look easier than it is. Juggling part-time work and full-time mothering has been challenging for me. At times it seems like I have the best of both worlds and then sometimes I feel like I'm not doing my best at either job. I know that I have much to be grateful for with my family that supports Emily and me every step of the way. Jeremy didn't forget to "help" Emily pick out a gift this year. He gave me a beautiful charm bracelet and my first Pandora Charm was appropriately a sterling silver "little girl." I look forward to adding to my collection. Happy Mother's Day to my Family Circle: Mom, Nancy, Laura, Becca, and my Memommys.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cooper Griffth Lee

The Aunts and Cousins!

The New Fam-I-Lee

Holding Cooper for the first time.
Waiting for Cooper!

Emily gained another little cousin on April 11, 2010. Rebecca was induced on Saturday morning April 10th, and it was a long day for her for sure! Cooper arrived Sunday morning at around 2 am weight 8lbs 14.9 oz. (the same weight as Emily!) Jeremy, Emily, and I headed to Bowling Green for the weekend because we couldn't miss the birth day of a nephew! During the early labor time, we visited with Rebecca and Stephen in their hospital room to help pass the time. Later that day, we visited with Memommy Lee and had dinner at Panera. We decided to head back to the hospital after dinner. I had Jeremy take Emily back to Mom and Dad's house because it was getting late, but I was determined to stay for the birth. Stephen and Becca had driven to Louisville very early on the Saturday morning that Emily was born and it meant so much to me that they were there for her birth--especially since my sister was abroad in India and Jeremy's sister was out of state in Texas. I was so happy that at least one sibling was there for her birth. Anyway, even as the night got later, I wanted to be there to know that Cooper and Becca were safe and that he had family waiting for him to be born. That night, we got a peek of the little guy being held by Becca and the next day we went to visit them that afternoon and made some photos.

This past week, we were able to have our first play date with the cousins. On Tuesday, we hung out at Mom's with the kiddos. Emily was 9 mon. old, Hunter 11 mon and Cooper 5 weeks! Emily and Hunter are able to play a little together (Hunter mostly steals away her toys :)) and Cooper mostly sleeps. It won't be too long before Cooper and Hunter are playing better together as the little boys and Emily is left out as the little girl. Hope it makes her stronger! Mom had some fresh strawberries, Sure-Gel, and jelly jars for us to make homemade "Memommy jelly." My batch made 5 jelly jars and Becca and Laura donated an extra one for Jeremy because he is now a HUGE fan of homemade strawberry jelly. (And to think that just a few years ago he thought it was rather odd that I put jelly on my biscuits and rolls instead of butter)

Friday, May 7, 2010

KY Derby 2010

The first Saturday of May always brings lots of excitement to Louisville. The whole two weeks leading up to Louisville is filled with celebrations. This year, Jeremy and I didn't do too well with attending Derby events, but we have promised ourselves next year that we will do better! Luckily, our friends from church hosted a wonderful Derby party so we didn't let this "holiday" go by uncelebrated! Our Sunday School class gathered at the Watsons home for wonderful food, fun, and celebration. I enjoyed watching Emily interact with the older babies and she held her own pretty well with the toddlers! The toddlers were pretty gentle with her and they seemed just as interested in a little baby as she was with the big kids. The Watsons daughter, Annalise, had a beautiful rocking horse. Just for fun, I put her on it and was proud of her for balancing so well even if she couldn't rock it yet. I couldn't resist a few photos of Emily on her Derby horse in her Derby dress! I look forward to being able to take her to the Balloon Glow, Pegasus Parade, and Thunder over Louisville when she gets older, but for this year, a Derby party with friends is about all the excitement we could handle!

Oh and by the way, Super Saver won the Derby. Calvin Borel was the jockey; Todd Pletcher was the trainer. Super Saver is from WinStar Farm of Versailles, KY owned by Kenney Trout and Bill Casner. (I just had to look all of that up...)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Emily at Qdoba (5/5/10) enjoying the weather and sweet potatoes.

Well, the Reiss family didn't really celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year. Not if that means having Margaritas at El Mundo, but we did manage a trip to Qdoba after work today. The weather is SO gorgeous this week. After being inside all day, I was itching to take a long walk. So, Jeremy, Emily, and I trekked up to Qdoba on Poplar Level Rd. which is probably almost 2 miles one way from our house. We ate outside on the patio and I fed Emily her supper. Emily LOVES to people watch, so she did more staring than eating. It was a beautiful night and it felt great to get some exercise. Emily was such a good girl. Sometimes I just have to squeeze her and tell her, "You're the best girl in the world! I can take you anywhere!" She likes being in her stroller, but this distance is about her limit unless she's asleep. We got home a little later tonight for the usual bedtime routine, but it is 9pm now and I haven't heard a peek for a few minutes....