Friday, May 11, 2012

Easter Weekend: April 7-8

This year we headed to Bowling Green for Easter weekend. It was Cooper's 2nd birthday party that Saturday and Sunday we went to church, enjoyed lunch at Memommy Meisel's, and had an Easter egg hunt at Memommy Lee's that evening. Somehow, mom managed to keep secret from the grandmothers that Jeremy and I were expecting. I don't know how she kept from telling them, but it was fun to be able to share our news in person with them! 

Easter egg creations

We let Emily play with dipping the eggs in the colored bowls. She did pretty well although she needed close guarding and usually one of us had to hold the bowl from tipping over.

At Cooper's 2nd birthday party

The party was held at Mom and Dad's church. They recently added on a family life center. This party room was equipped with a kitchen and was adjacent to the gymnasium. The kids all had a blast running around and we could barely get them to stop and eat. As you can see, little Hunter's face is red from all the exercise!

Birthday boy!

Little Hudson and Pop play together

Hunter scores!

Emily poses with a sweet smile on Easter morning

Me and my pretty girl!

Trying to get Emily to stay still for the camera

 Jeremy and Emily. Jer kisses those cheeks every chance he gets.

Even if none of the above photos are "picture perfect," I love the spontaneous hugs from Emily.


 Miss Emily loved hunting for eggs. We still haven't eaten all of the Easter candy!

Love this colorful dress that a friend made for Emily. She hates to take it off.

This will probably always be one of my favorite baby photos of Hudson and me. I love the slight smirk and that he is looking right at the camera! This little guy is growing up way too fast. (He just started crawling at 8 months!)

I get glimpses of Stephen every now and then with Cooper. Something about this photo makes me remember him when he was that little.