Monday, August 31, 2015

Point Reyes

We took a short weekend trip to Point Reyes the last weekend in August before school started back for Emily. While we enjoyed our trip, so many people had talked it up to us, that it left us slightly disappointed. Had we not been hearing how fabulous it was for two years, perhaps we wouldn't have had such high expectations. Of course there was only so much we could do in a short time with three young children. I certainly had several beaches and hikes on my "wish list" that I would have enjoyed had we had more time or had it been just Jeremy and me. Anyway, I never regret time exploring the Pacific Coast and I'm thankful we got away for a few days. However, for the record, I do think the Sonoma Coast and particularly Bodega Head was prettier than what we saw on this particular trip. :) 

Photo op at the Cypress Tree Tunnel 
I learned about the Cypress tree tunnel while researching on Pinterest before our trip. So glad I did because it was on our way to the lighthouse and we would have easily driven right past this had I not been looking for it. 

Sweet expression on Anna Kate's face
Short little hike to the Point Reyes lighthouse

On top of the fog looking down. Over 300 steps down to the lighthouse. We wimped out and only went part of the way down.

Elephant Seal Overlook Trail. Just 0.3 miles from our car. :) And yes, we did see seals! We ran out of time to also do Chimney Rock Trail which in hindsight might have been nicer than the Lighthouse Trail. 

This is how we are trying to teach our kids to love to hike. Do a short trail and make sure you give them time to play and explore their own interests. Here little Caleb enjoyed scurrying up/down this bank and playing in the dirt. 

Hanging out back at the cabin

Cottages at Point Reyes Seashore

This boat did not fair so well in Tomales Bay. Nice photo op though. :)

An easy kid friendly hike near the Bear Valley Visitor Center led back to a simulated Coastal Miwok village.

The inside of this was super cool. I think it was called the sweat lodge. It led back to a large "room" big enough for at least a dozen people to sit around in a circle. The kids loved exploring this, of course.