Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

This year, Mother's Day and Derby Day were the same weekend which makes for some busy times around Louisville! The Derby event we did this year was the Great Balloon Glow--a first for us. It was an evening event with about 50 hot air balloons grouped together at Bowman Field Airport. We were able to stroll around and check them out and as it got dark, the balloons would periodically light up. Emily's favorite balloon was the Energizer Bunny balloon and all night she kept pointing to it and saying "Bunny." Emily enjoyed the spectacle, but her enjoyment was somewhat subdued since it was about an hour after bedtime!

Next year, we will have to plan to take her to the parade if the weather is nice. Over 250,000 people checked out the Derby Festival parade downtown this year and the weather was gorgeous! You never know about Derby weather in Kentucky, but overall it was pretty nice this year for Oaks and Derby although all the April rains caused flooding on the Great Lawn downtown causing many Festival events to be moved or cancelled (e.g. the Steamboat Race was NOT safe to travel the high Ohio River.) I have noticed that every year I get Derby fever too late--like the day before! By then, it is too late to head to the Oaks or go to the Derby with friends or even throw a party! Jeremy and I have attended the Oaks once, but I was 6 mon. pregnant and didn't get into all the fashion as much since it was a maternity dress! I really hope we can attend again soon because we really had a great time. I would LOVE to go to Derby with some or all of our siblings. I can just see Ed in a snazzy coat, Stephen kickin' back mint juleps, Becca enjoying the search for the perfect hat, Jen placing her $2 show bets, and Laura and Will comparing the crowds to trying to walk the streets in Delhi.

Kentucky Oaks Day 2009

Jeremy, Emily and I at the Oaks! (Emmy is under the dress.)

We were lucky to be able to spend time on Mother's Day weekend with everyone. We had brunch at our house at 9:30 am for Don and Nancy. Jeremy and I love a good breakfast and it was nice to be able to share that with his parents and give Nancy her Mother's Day gift. We left Saturday afternoon for Bowling Green. We timed our trip so that Emily would take her nap in the car, but she decided she didn't want to do that. She was actually pretty good for most of the trip, but started melting down from total exhaustion right before we got to Mom and Dad's and WOULD NOT give it up and fall asleep. Saturday afternoon/evening we spent at Memommy Lee's house. Sunday morning was church, then lunch at Mom's, and some nice front porch sitting after lunch. The weather was perfect and we laughed at the little ones as they played together and were incredibly entertained by a pail of water, some rocks, and a few balls. I laid in the hammock for a half hour and drifted off to a light sleep only to be awakened every now and then by one of the toddlers. I love seeing those little nephews. Wish they would stop growing up so fast.

Emily and Grancy on her birthday 4/30/11.

Emily greets Don and Nancy after completing their mini-marathon walk. Yes, they WALKED 13.1 miles!

Mother's Day 2011 with little Emmy (21 mon.)

Hugging Hunter

Mom and her kids

Emily walking barefoot on the grass. Yeah! (usually, she insists on shoes)

Four generation photo: Sara Meisel, Marylan Meisel Lee, Amanda Lee Reiss, Emily Morgan Reiss

Four Generation photo: Emily Reiss, Amanda Lee Reiss, Eufema Eadens Lee, Mike Lee

Front Porch Sittin'

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meeting Elizabeth

We visited our little niece, Elizabeth Corley Hannah, a few weeks ago. Emily LOVED having a baby in the house. She really liked pushing Elizabeth's swing (especially when she was in it!) She was very sweet with her little cousin and gentle. She was always saying "baby" and could say "EB" when we reminded her of the baby's name. I wish we could see Ed, Jen, and Elizabeth more often. Our long weekend trip went by so fast. Hope we can see them again this summer. I am sure they will be dying to come to Louisville to show off their pretty baby while she is still a baby!