Friday, September 16, 2011

Loving our Two Year Old Big Girl!

Where has the time gone? Our little girl is two years old. Really? Actually, she is already over 25 mon. old, so I had better write down a few thoughts about the blink in time we are currently enjoying.

We were in Bowling Green the weekend after Emily's birthday and so we decided to let a local friend/photographer take Emily's photos. It worked out well since we were there anyway for my high school reunion. I like to bring Jeremy with me for Emily's photos because it is hard to manage her on my own on "photoshoot" days. Emily is an inquisitive little one and likes to run around and explore. It is next to impossible to have her sit for any length of time for a photo. And if she is sitting, then she is looking down, not smiling, or fussing because she doesn't want to sit, etc. I have a whole new appreciation for the patience of a good children's photographer. Anyway, let's just say that I'm glad that Jeremy was with me to help. The owners of Limestone Lake Photography have known my family for years so it was joy to introduce Emily to Sheryl and John. Here's a few low res. images Sheryl let me use for facebook/blogging purposes.

Tiny Dancer

Emily enjoys sitting on the dock and "reading" a book.

We weren't planning on being in the photos, but decided we would jump in anyway!

Emily was VERY hesitant to sit at the edge of the dock (and so was her mommy!)

A sweet smile here...

Emmy Reiss is 2!

I will leave today's post with a few new developmental milestones.

Gross Motor:

Galloping (like a horse through the house, especially when she is happy!)
Jumping (getting air now with both feet!)
Ascends/descends stairs. She has descended stairs facing down since May, but we now feel comfortable enough to let her do this even if we aren't directly supervising.
Directs play with "ring around the rosie."
Climbs up her daddy's legs and chest. He is standing and holds her hands, and she can walk up to chest level!
Can walk on her hands for about 6 steps if you are supporting her legs.

Fine Motor:

Using spoons/forks more regularly. Picks up small pieces of food to put on her fork!
Uses a brush to paint.
Requests to "draw" frequently with whatever is available.
Can undress herself, including diapers, socks, shoes.
Can donn socks and simple slip-on shoes or flip-flops


Counting from 1 to 11.
Recognizes letters and knows several by name or sound.
Sings the "ABC song" with an Emmy twist (ABCD, ABC, ABCD, ABC, ABCD, ABC, etc. to the tune.)
Knows several basic colors (Red, blue, yellow, green, black, white, pink, purple, orange)
Imaginative play with baby dolls, in her kitchen, with cars/trains, etc.
Sings songs with hand motions. ("If you're happy and you know it" and "Wheels on the Bus" are favorites)
Vocabulary is continuing to grow like crazy.
Talks on the phone more coherently and appropriately to loved ones.


Fake cries to get what she wants. Shows us a fantastic pouty lip.
After time out, she can tell us (with prompting) what she did wrong.
Says "please", "Thank you", "Bless you" and "Excuse me" sometimes even UN-prompted!
Very affectionate with big hugs, kisses, requests to "hold me mommy"
Wants both mommy and daddy to read to her at night and will search the house for you if you're not there and say, "Come!"
Helps around the house. Helps Mommy put clothes in the dryer, throws away trash on floor, puts away parts of her messes in her room when asked and directed to do so.
Melt downs are usually related to hunger or fatigue (hey just like her daddy! just joking.)
Getting more fixed on wanting certain things, but is still fairly easily distracted away from it.

Sleep Schedule:
9pm-7:30. I hope to move her bed time back to 8:30, but summer time got the best of us! Jeremy enjoys the extra time wtih her after work. If she wakes up at 6 or 6:30, she comes to bed with us and after a quick wet diaper change, she cuddles and sleeps with us another 1- 2 hrs. We start winding down for bed at around 8pm with bath, reading time. etc.
Naps: 1:30-3:30 or 4pm.