Sunday, July 22, 2012

31 weeks

I simply can not believe how fast that this pregnancy is going by or that I will be the mother to a little boy in about 9 weeks. This pregnancy is so similar to my first, but yet very different, too. Let me explain.

~ Took about same amount of time for us to conceive Emily and Baby Reissy Cup
~ Both are summer pregnancies
~ I'm on track for similar weight gain
~ First trimester didn't include much nausea with either pregnancy--never got sick!
~ Heartburn with both pregnancies (if the old wives' tales are true, this kid may have a ton of hair like Emily!)

~ By now with my first pregnancy, I had read about 4 pregnancy books, 3 books about baby care, and we were taking classes at the hospital. This time around, I've read "pregnancy lite" books such as Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs and The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy. There will be no hospital classes or tours. Been there. Done that.  I know where to find my baby books if I need to reference something.

~ First trimester was way more tiring this time around.  (Maybe because I have a 2 year old?) I often crashed in bed shortly after Emily did without changing into PJs and still wearing make-up and contacts. Then, I would wake up hours later to "get ready for bed" at 2 am.

~ We were busy preparing Emily's nursery with fresh coats of paint and all new furniture. I had a closet full of baby girl clothes. We had four showers planned for us. I might be lucky if I have one "sprinkle" for Reissy Cup. I can't get Jeremy moved out of the office to even do the nursery. I'm matching up crib bedding to the office walls so we don't have to paint. Eventually, I plan to buy some diapers when I can figure out where to store them.

~ We had no hand me downs for Emily. Cooper, Hunter, and Hudson have donated to the cause for their cousin!

~ I love working part-time while pregnant. With Emily, I worked full-time until about a week before she was born. Now, I work two days a week. I take naps with Emily every day I'm home. I believe in putting up my feet when I get tired. I let Jeremy get Emily into the car seat.  Emily rarely gets carried by me while standing and she has to climb into her car seat herself when it's just us!

~ Emily has attended at least 3 OB appointments with me. I just refuse to get a babysitter for a quick vitals check-up and heartbeat check. We're in/out of the doctor's fast and Emily enjoys turning on the Doppler to hear baby's heart (Thanks Dr. Terassa!) We had Jeremy's parents watch her for our big 20 week ultrasound appointment.

~ In general, I have little time to obsess about being pregnant because I'm busy being a mom and wife.

So, here I am at 31 weeks and I'm starting to get excited about meeting this little guy! I saw some old photos of Jeremy the other day and it made me wonder if our little guy would be a tow head like his Daddy was. Every time I lay eyes on my brother's adorable son, I think about how cute my little brother was as a baby. Wonder if he will look like his uncle? I worry some about not being able to do as much with Emily. We are at a really good stage now where I can take her almost anywhere and it is relatively easy (usually).  Starting all over again with all the diapers and baby gear seems a bit daunting. I want to have fun with my big girl, too! I'm trying to make wise choices about balancing work and family. Right now I'm probably 75% stay at home and 25% continue with current part-time work. After a discussion with my boss last week, it looks like I could still work prn for my current employer if I choose to go that route. I think that once Reissy Cup gets here, I will know what I want to do.