Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 8, 2010: Jeremy is 34 and Emmy is 7 months

Funny how we just realized that Emily is born on the same day of the month as Jeremy. Kind of obvious, but didn't really think about it. On March 8th, Jeremy celebrated his 34th birthday and little Emily turned seven months old! Emily and I got Jeremy a nice video camera for his birthday. It was more than our usual birthday budget, but we needed one and I knew Jeremy would love it. (Our old video camera has been very unreliable and inconvenient.) Hopefully, we will be able to add videos to our blog really soon!

I took off work on Friday to take Emily to the doctor. I totally thought that she only had a cold, but since she was having disturbed sleep, I figured I should have her checked out. I was hoping she didn't have an ear infection. She didn't have an ear infection, but she did have RSV. Basically, it is a really crappy cold that lasts about two weeks. (It is a virus, so antibiotics don't help.) Sometimes, it leads to ear infections, pneumonia, etc. I'm crossing my fingers that Emily is almost over it now. Last night she slept through the night, but for several nights Jeremy and I were up numerous times clearing her nasal passages, holding and comforting her, and trying to make her more comfortable. Throughout her illness, Emily has been a good baby. She has still been her usual playful self during the day--smiling and laughing even through the occasional coughing fit!

Saturday I was able to visit some old college friends at DeSha's in Lexington for a surprise shower for Mrs. Sarah Pearce. Sarah is expecting triplets! Prayers are with the Pearce family during this whole crazy journey. One prayer has already been answered in that she is expecting TWO girls and one boy.

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