Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday Blessings

Poppy, Emily, and Grancy at Kalightoscope.

Thanksgiving Day
Today my heart is thankful:

41. that last weekend was AWESOME! Shopping with family, fun Christmas festivities like Kalightoscope and the real gingerbread village at Galt House, two wonderful parties....fun times for the Reiss family.
42. that the end of Christmas shopping is in sight and now I can enjoy wrapping these special gifts for my loved ones.
43. that I get to be Santa (or Mrs. Claus)! I can't wait to see Emily's face Christmas morning...
44. that our doctor's office worked us in so easily and conveniently to get Emily checked out (sinus infection should be cleared up before Christmas.)
45. that the furthest we travel for Christmas is 1 1/2 hrs to Bowling Green. I am thankful to NOT have to go to the airport!
46. for my darling nephews. I can't wait to love on them SOON!
47. that Ed and Jen will be here in a few days.
48. that I am off work 10 days around the holidays and still get paid as usual (thank you holiday and vacation time!)
49. for yummy Christmas goodies!
50. for all the Christmas cards we get from loved ones.


  1. I love the pictures. They are so fun!!! Seriously, to #45!!! Right now, as Bennett is in his crib crying because he doesn't want to nap, I am kind of wishing we were going to the airport versus driving 14 hours

  2. Wow, that is a really long drive. Best of luck, friend! The drive to Hilton Head was supposed to be 12 hrs, but it ended up taking about 14 hrs...tiring for baby and parents, but the trip wasn't all bad...just an hour or two! :) Glad you enjoyed the photos. Will you be staying with Shea or your parents?