Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Blessings

The last month or so has been incredibly hectic and so I have not posted my usual Tuesday blessings. Once Christmas and New Year's is over, I usually have a day or so when I have the post-Christmas blues or maybe it is the dread of putting up all those ornaments, decorations, presents, and post-holiday returns at the mall? Anyway, I usually welcome a good January snow and a chance to hibernate with my family by the fire! Today is a fabulous snow day! We have enjoyed a yummy breakfast of blueberry pancakes, fruit, and coffee (for me), plenty of play time with toys and books, a nice nap, and possibly some playtime outside in the snow (if it ever stops snowing!) Today I thankful for:

41. my gas fireplace that keeps our living room so nice and toasty
42. that we have bread, milk, coffee, and enough food to last until the streets get plowed a little
43. cuddling with Emily under the covers while we read books
44. for Emily's continued growth and development. Our 17 mon. old has learned to say "No!" :)
45. that we have electricity (we lost power for a week two years ago in weather like this...)
46. that I can so easily keep in touch with friends and family by phone, e-mail, facebook, etc.
47. that I didn't have to work Sunday and was able to attend church with my family. (I was scheduled to work, but hospital census was low and I wasn't needed!)
48. that Emily has made a strong attachment to her Mama! (Which sometimes results in crying if Daddy tries to do something she wants me to do, but hey, it is nice to be needed!)
49. everyone is healthy!
50. a new year, fresh starts, new attempts to do better, set goals, and to dream!

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