Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Days

It is now February and I am always thankful that this is a short month because at least in March, you have the hope for some occasional nice days. It has been SO cold here today! Emily has had a fever today and it amazes me how well Children's Ibuprofen works at controlling it. She actually has been pretty pleasant today considering she woke up at 3 am with a temp of 104.6. I took off work today so I could be with her and monitor her symptoms. ANOTHER trip to the doctor may be in store for us tomorrow if she doesn't shake this soon. It amazes me how many little illnesses she's had since November. Last year as a baby, she was almost never sick. Now she's into everything, touches everything, feeds herself, is around other children a lot more, and doesn't have mom's immunity by drinking breast milk daily! Spring is just around the corner, but I have to admit that I do like a good snow day every now and then. These photos were taken in January when my parents came for a visit and we took Emily for her first sled ride. She was pretty scared to sled, but she liked being outside with us. We bundled her up really well so she didn't whine or act like she was cold. Another good thing about the winter is basketball! We enjoyed having the Dennison's over to watch a UK/Georgia game and our little girls dressed up for the CATs. Ironically, Emily can say "Georgia" like a champ, but I have yet hear her utter Kentucky or Tucky or Cats or Cards. We will keep working on that!


  1. Little B was sick for the first time this week...kindof sad.

    I was THRILLED to see Em in some UK gear. I was afraid Jer may have completely converted you to "the red side"........hehehehe

  2. Oh no, we are an equal opportunity household. She wears UK or UL. Jer got her a U of L outfit for her birthday, but he bought it too small so she only wore it a couple of times. I buy her the UK gear and since I do pretty much all of the see the result. Sorry to hear about little B. I hope he is better soon and that he gets lots of extra TLC.