Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Every year this happens. I refuse to put away my fall/Thanksgiving decorations until after Thanksgiving, but then I feel "behind" the next day when I don't have anything up for Christmas. Kind of an impossible task, but that is how I usually feel! We are still working on getting everything decorated. Hopefully, tonight we can get some ornaments on the tree! This year I was off work for my usual 4 day weekend and it was wonderful to have so much time with family. We spent Thanksgiving in Louisville this year. Jen, Ed, and Elizabeth were in town for a visit. We usually only see them for Christmas, but this year they came up for Thanksgiving instead. (The timing worked out better since Jen was just returning from a business trip and her parents had watched Elizabeth for her.) Nancy said it was the first time in 6 yrs that Jen and Ed had been home for Thanksgiving, so it was definitely a treat to have them home. I tried out two new recipes (for me) which I don't necessarily recommend doing on Thanksgiving day, but it worked out OK. I made a homemade pumpkin pie and a wonderful cranberry/fruit salad. We celebrated Ed's 35th birthday on Friday with another big meal and cake. It was a good eating weekend and my mother-in-law worked her butt off to make everything nice and special.

We haven't been to Bowling Green to visit the Lee family yet. I'm really missing my little nephews right now! I had enough time off to be with both families, but we are kind of on call right now waiting to visit Bowling Green once we get the word that our niece has been born. So, we decided to wait until then. (Becca is due Dec. 4th.) Also, Karrie McKinnon and I went to Ashland for the day to see our friend, Misty, who is 7 months pregnant and looking adorable! It was a LONG day in the car Sunday, but Karrie and I chatted the whole time and really got a chance to catch up with one another. I was very happy we were able to take special gifts to shower Misty. Just wish her parents lived closer so we could all get together every time she was in KY.

Our family has so much to be thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Not liking the sweet potato casserole, but it was SO GOOD!

Our sweet girls!

Trying for a Christmas card photo--what a challenge with these squiggly, wiggly girls!

Happy Elizabeth is pretty photogenic!

Elizabeth loved to watch Emily and would laugh at almost anything she did!

Kisses for cousin "EB"


  1. Emily is such a cute turkey.

    I am glad you got to spend time with Jen and Ed. I know with all of the travel and everyone living in different locations is hard.

    How fun that you got to see Misti!!

  2. Hey Amanda!!!

    I'm Brittany, a friend of Laura's -- just wanted to let you know that Emily is sooooooooo pretty! :) Her hair is to die for:))))0

    Can't wait to follow along with your sweet family:)