Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day

Emily with her new Ariel mermaid and Pinkalicious book

Decorating and eating cupcakes with Cousin Cooper


With Mommy after church

Kisses for Uncle Stephen

Chillin' with Pop and Cooper.

Ok, so lots of photos with Cooper this time. We will have to get some with the other cousins soon!

This year Jeremy and I enjoyed a nice early Valentine's dinner double date with Becca and Stephen at The Brickyard in Bowling Green. Mom and Dad watched Emmy, Cooper, and Madelyn for us so we could have an uninterrupted meal and adult conversation. It was great! Wish Laura and Will could have come, too, but I'm not sure the parents are ready for 5 kids at one time and Laura's little ones had recently been sick so they decided to pass. We had a nice weekend in BG--our first since Christmas. Time files by. I could especially see the growth in the littlest niece and nephew.

This year Emily really liked helping decorate cookies and cupcakes. When I asked her what her favorite thing about Valentine's was, she said, "Making cookies at Miss Katy's." She decorated cupcakes with Mom and Cooper on Sunday, cookies with Katy, Bailey, and Kendra on Monday, had a Valentine's party Tuesday at church school (more "PINK" cupcakes) and also decorated cupcakes at Dinkney's house on Wednesday. I guess I was kind of a slacker because we didn't make cookies this year. I made chocolate covered strawberries and did it while Emmy napped! But, she did enjoy making Valentine's with Daddy on Valentine's night while I cooked our supper. (My Valentine was super cute and I may have to keep it forever except art director Daddy did most of it!)

We got Emmy a Pinkalicious book and a large Ariel the mermaid doll. It is the first doll she has with "real" hair to comb and play with. It sings songs and talks and can swim in the bathtub with her. She enjoyed a few other gifts from her grandmothers who know her well and spoil her, too. Ironically, Nancy got her the smaller version of Ariel the mermaid because she had noticed Emily pointing it out in one of her toy magazines. I am very thankful and blessed to have the love of a wonderful man and precious daughter!

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  1. cooper is getting so big and so is emily:)))) i love cousin time. you all need to get one of all 5 of the lee kiddos --- precious!