Friday, November 2, 2012

Caleb: 1 month

Caleb's first month has passed by in a blur! We have been busy adjusting to life with a newborn again and life with two kids. Case in point: this first month I think I left the house without Caleb's diaper bag twice and forgot to pack wipes on our first outing.  I haven't had to pack a diaper bag in a long time!

The first week was rough on Mom. I was recuperating from the delivery and adjusting to all of the discomfort that comes when the milk first comes in. The engorgement wasn't as bad this time as with Emily, but I also knew how to handle it better. Also, it took about 10 days or so before nursing was consistently good and comfortable. 

Emily frequently comments that Caleb has "a lot of hair!" Here she is having fun brushing it!
Caleb looks so tiny in Poppy's arms!
This is how Emily likes to hug Caleb. She usually says something like,
"He's so adorable" and then gently places her hands all over his little head!

When Caleb was five days old, the whole Lee-Burnham clan came to visit us! We had a house full of people. We enjoyed our visit although the toddlers did get a little rowdy at times. Everyone got to see Caleb and we also did a belated first birthday celebration for little Hudson. He'd already had his first birthday party, but the aunts and uncles hadn't seen him yet to give him our presents.

I finally got a photo of Aunt Laura holding Caleb.
Big sister was very proud to hold her little brother.

Love how cute and little they all are in this photo! Wish Stephen and Becca's two little ones were also in it. 

Pop has rocked three children and six grandchildren. He's a pro!

Emily and Hunter played so well together the whole day.

Hudson is ONE!

Maddie at 9 months.

I love this photo even though I hate to see him cry! Hudson was upset that the big kids blew out his candle.

Sweet time with my kiddos.

Here's one of Memommy Meisel and Caleb. She's still got the touch. She will be 90 in March 2013.

When Caleb was three weeks old, we made our first trip to Bowling Green and stayed the weekend at Nan and Pop's. We were reminded that traveling with a newborn takes longer. I think it added about 45 minutes to the trip since we had to stop once for a poopy diaper change and once to try to settle Caleb down. It was a beautiful fall weekend. We said our good byes (for now) to Laura and Will and the boys as they are moving to Vancouver for three more months of missions training. We are hopeful that we may see them again in January while they await their visas, but if they are approved quickly, we may not see them again for over a year.

Emily, Cooper and Hunter were quite adventurous with peddling down hills with their trikes. (Only a few tears were shed)

I had high hopes for a good photo of Emily and Caleb together in their fall clothes, but posing a newborn who has so little head control is a challenge. Also, it was a VERY windy afternoon. Caleb's face kind of shows what he thinks about it all!

ONE MONTH STATS: HEIGHT 21 1/4 IN. (50%) WEIGHT: 10 lbs 8.5oz (75%) 

We are thankful to God for the blessing of our healthy, beautiful, son. It has been a joy to see Emily love on him. So far, she has not seemed particularly jealous of him. We make every effort to give her plenty of attention, too! I try to remind her every so often of all the benefits of being a big girl instead of a baby (e.g. eating food and not just milk, being able to tell Mom and Dad what she wants, playing on the playground, getting to watch the "Beauty and the Beast" musical, etc.) She agrees that it is better to be a big girl! We are thankful for all the help that our parents have provided during these early days. We are thankful for our friends and family that brought over so many meals to us. I didn't have to cook dinner for a month! 

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