Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nine Months

Caleb is now nine months old! I'm glad to say that we finally had his baby dedication at church. Jeremy and I were incredibly motivated to pick a date once we realized that we would be accepting the Twitter offer and moving. It worked out really well to have it on Father's Day Sunday. I thought it was particularly special to dedicate our baby boy on Father's Day and I think it was meaningful for Jeremy, too. We chose Psalms 127:3-4 as his verse. "Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth."

Since Caleb's baby dedication fell on a holiday, we did not attempt a big open house party. We are WAY overwhelmed right now with preparations to get our house ready to sell and move. We couldn't handle a big party, but we did have my parents and Jeremy's parents over for lunch and dessert. Also, Stephen, Becca and the kids came up for the baby dedication and to spend the day with us.

Baby dedication at SMBC 6/16/13

First Father's Day with Caleb!

Kisses from cousin Madelyn, 18 mon.

Emily always seems to find Uncle Stephen's lap!

Kisses for Dad! We got him a cool Louisville Slugger i-phone cover and a handmade card.

Emily and Pop

I think this is the first 3 generation photo I have with Poppy, Jer and Caleb

Dad, Stephen, and me. Missing Laura in this shot!

We couldn't get Emily off her bike long enough to take a photo with Pop, so we did a little improvising!

We recently announced to our friends that we were moving. I sent an email to our class at church explaining our plans. We posted a photo of Caleb on facebook with him wearing his San Francisco Giants onesie. I had people guess where we were moving. Funny thing is that we've had this Giants onesie since Christmas well before any potential San Francisco job. This is the ONLY clothing Jeremy has bought for Caleb. Another San Francisco coincidence???

9 month stats
Height: 28 1/2 in. (60-70th%)
Weight: 19.2 lbs. (30th %)
Head Circumference: 17 1/4 in. (25th%)
Caleb had his nine month doctor's check-up today. He only had to get one shot and he cried big crocodile tears. Emily was concerned that she was going to have to get shots, too, but Dr. Johnson and I explained that she was off the hook today! Caleb has been around the 40th-50th percentile for weight and he fell off a little this month. Dr. J. says that this is normal in active babies. We definitely have an active baby. He crawls around the whole house during most of his awake hours.

We are now going to the pool regularly. Yeah for summer! These photos were taken during our first pool visit in June. The water was still a bit cold and Caleb did NOT like it as you can see in the below photo! We went to the pool Sunday and he was a much happier baby and floated around in his "boat" completely content. Jeremy was working the afternoon we went to the pool, but he came over on his lunch break to take photos of little Caleb during his first time at the pool. (What a great dad, right?)

Too cold, mommy!!!

"If you hold me like this, I'll be fine."

My pretty blue eyed girl

I love how content and sweet he looks in this one!

And finally in other baby milestone news:

~Caleb still army crawls everywhere for mobility. He can hold hands/knees position well. We often find him like this in his crib, but he prefers to crawl on his belly.

~Pulls up to tall kneeling

~Pulls up to stand. We found him standing one morning in his crib. Cutest thing ever to see your baby smile at you when you come in the room and the little booger is standing up waiting for you!

~Picks up items neatly with finger/thumb. He now loves to eat puffs! He has this little snack when we need to buy a few more minutes with him content in his high chair.

~Transitions from belly to sitting and sitting to belly smoothly

~He protests much more if Emily takes away a toy!

~Actively searches for items he knows you are hiding from him.

~Interacts more with Emily in the back seat. She faces forward and he faces backward so they can see one another. She LOVES to make him laugh during car rides.

~Bounces to music. Baby boy is learning to dance! :)

Sleep Schedule:

Caleb goes to bed at about 7:30 pm and wakes up between 7-8 am. I'm thankful that he sleeps so well. I always nurse him before bed and cuddle and rock him. Sometimes he will fall asleep on me. Most of the time, he is pretty fidgety--like he can't get his nest made. So, I lay him into his crib and he immediately grabs his lovey and tucks it close to him. I cover him up and walk away. If he fusses at all, it's just for a minute or two. I can't believe that we never had to sleep train him. He still falls asleep with his bottom up in the air and legs tucked under him. It is the cutest thing. By the time Jeremy and I go to bed and check on him, there's no telling what position he has worked himself into--on his back with arms outstretched, on his side, on his belly, horizontal in the crib, or up next to the bumper!

He hasn't taken a paci in a long time, but I've noticed that he makes a sucking motion with his lips while he holds his lovey. He has learned to soothe himself without the paci. Caleb takes two naps. Morning nap is about 9:30-11 am. Afternoon nap varies depending on what we have going on. Usually he sleeps from about 2-4pm. I try to keep him up a little later in the afternoon so his nap will overlap with Emily's more, but he tends to start getting tired at around 1:30 pm.


Caleb now has FIVE teeth! He got the bottom two teeth in first. Then, the lateral incisors started coming in. He was starting to look like a little vampire baby, but now the top central incisors are poking through and one has almost caught up to the others.

He is able to eat small chunks of food now (bananas and other soft ripe fruit.) He mostly eats stage 2-3 jarred baby food fruits, veggies, and some meat combinations (apples/chicken is a favorite). I make a small amount of his food and then we let him try small bites of our food when appropriate. We are working on letting him eat more finger foods for himself. He nurses about 5x/day.


He is really an easy going baby. Very social. Loves to interact and talk with you. Loves to play peek-a-boo and bouncy games. He is curious. If you leave the room, he will come find you. If a door is partially closed, he will push it open and crawl through. As long as you keep him well rested and fed and give him a little attention every so often, he is content. The time of the day that is the hardest is from about 5:30-6:30 pm. I'm trying to get dinner on the table. Caleb isn't getting as much attention as he would like and he's getting tired. By this point in the day, he has already played with a lot of his toys and he just wants to be held or have us feed him and put him to bed. It isn't a good time to try to put him on the floor with a pile of toys. He's SO over that! But, it is hard to cook with a baby on your hip! Lately, Jeremy has been getting home later and it is really hard on me. Frankly, I go a little bit crazy at this hour because I'm tired, too at this point. I'm really scared about how I'm going to survive in California if Jeremy has a long commute home from work.

And a note to baby boy:


I'm so proud to be your mommy! You have a great personality and you're so stinkin' cute! I think you will be very outgoing like your mama and daddy. I've enjoyed watching you grow and develop this month. A month ago, you were just learning to go from sitting to crawling. You more or less fell into that position. Now, your movements are confident and smooth. I love going to your room to pick you up in the morning. You are in such a sweet mood and well rested. Lately, you are waiting for me and standing up at the end of the crib. You see me and light up with your cheesy vampire grin. Sometimes, I get really silly and play with you. I hide from you behind the crib bumper and poke my head up over the rail just to see you smile and laugh over and over again in anticipation of where I'll be next.

This month Daddy and I had to make a really hard decision. We have a great life here in Louisville, but Dad got offered a really cool job far, far away and we decided to take the opportunity. In some ways it was a difficult decision, but in other ways, we had a peace that we were doing the right thing for our family in the long run. You're too little to understand this now, but living with regret is no way to live. We would rather try and not succeed, than let life pass us because we are too scared to take a chance. Son, I hope that if you are ever given a chance to do something special, you will go for it and not be afraid to fail. I hope that one day we will be able to tell you great stories about our adventures in California. I'm planning on taking you backpacking in Yosemite so you had better get ready!

I know that sis has a strong bond with our KY family already, but I worry a little about you. Who will love on you in the church nursery? Who will take care of you when Mom desperately needs a break? Who will be our family when your sweet grandmas are two thousand miles away? I hate that our family will miss some of your baby/toddler years. They go by too fast anyway, but I would rather us be away now while I can keep you safely home with me than for us to be far away during your school years. Those are the years you will be making childhood memories. I don't think your grandparents are happy about this AT ALL, but to their credit, they are trying to be supportive.

Caleb, we are so very thankful for you. I love you always.


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