Friday, November 8, 2013

Fun in San Fran: Aug. 2013

As I mentioned in my earlier post, we lived at Edgewater apts. in San Francisco for a month before we moved into our place in Alameda. The first few weeks were very busy with house hunting, but once we signed our lease, we had more time to live a "normal" life in the city. Jeremy started working August 12th. He had a quick bus commute to Market St. We tried to do fun things on the weekends as a family. During the week, I was busy with normal mommy duties, grocery shopping, making meals, etc. I tried to take the kids somewhere every day even if it was just for a short walk along the bay, to AT&T ball park, the library, or a local park. I got really adventurous a few days and drove the kids to Twitter Headquarters, Golden Gate Park and Mission Deloris Park on my own! I wish I had more photos to share. Most of the time, I just took quick iphone photos, but we do have a few good photos from Jeremy's camera of our days on Berry St.

Caleb switched from belly crawling to hands and knee crawling while we were at the SF apt.

Caleb turned 11 mon. old while living in SF

Telegraph Hill is the name of the hill where Coit Tower is located.

Coit Tower

This is the view from the top of Telegraph Hill. We still need to take the elevator to the top of Coit Tower. The kids were getting hungry for dinner so we skipped it this first visit.

Caleb looking out at the boats. He had the perfect place to learn to cruise.
He would cruise along the window ledges and coffee table.

Here we are taking a ferry to Sausalito. Emily loved riding on the ferry.

It was a little cool and foggy on the water, but once we got to Sausalito, it was a hot August day!
(not like KY heat, though.) We enjoyed a picnic lunch and ice cream in downtown Sausalito.

Love my brown eyed boy!

This was one of the patio areas where we hung out a lot during the week. We had Emily's bike delivered to us instead of going into storage with the rest of our household items. She loved having this bike in SF!

Playing in the sand volleyball pit.

There were many houseboats along this stretch of water that led down to McCovey cove and the bay.

Hanging out in our "back yard"

We managed to find plenty of green spaces and places to climb for this little gal even in the big city!

Bye-Bye Edgewater! Thanks for the memories!

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