Sunday, September 27, 2015

Caleb is THREE!

Our little man tuned three on Sept. 23rd. In some ways, I feel like he's been that old for much longer! He's been a very verbal kiddo. Last year, he regularly played with Emily's kindergarten friends at the playground and hung right in there with them! The second (and third) children seem to grow up a little faster in that way. We decided we wanted to throw him a party at our new house. By the time his birthday rolled around, we had been in the new house several weeks. Pretty much everything we needed to unpack was put away, we had a few photos and decorations up, and we decided it looked "good enough" to have some guests over to celebrate!

Those eyes and that expression! 

This mama was very happy to have the space to rent a jumpy house for the day. That was never even an option at our first CA home. The Superman jumpy house was by far the biggest attraction. The kids loved it! I didn't even worry with coming up with other entertainment. We had a good group of friends and their kids here. Most of the kids dressed up as super heroes, too. We ordered a few party decorations (banner, balloons, Superman themed lollipops, etc.) I made sure the whole family had blue/red Superman t-shirts to wear. Caleb's also had a detachable cape which he LOVED. We had eye masks and lollipops for the kids to keep as party favors. I made some homemade cupcakes and did my best to make them cute with little cupcake toppers and matching liners.

Chocolate cupcakes and homemade buttercream icing. Yummy!

Jump house FUN! Only a few minor injuries...

Caleb and the children had a great time. Unfortunately, I did not feel like the hostess with the most-est. Anna Kate was extremely clingy. Literally, I could not put her down without her crying. She had been fighting a cold for several days. (Prior to the party, I let the parents know she wasn't well.) I had hoped the worst was over for her. We had had a few days of fevers, but she was fever free the day of the party. I also took her to the doctor the day before the party to make sure there was nothing else I could do for her. (No ear infection or other issues, etc.) Anyway, baby girl did not get a good morning nap the morning of the party and she was not a happy camper. Then, the first time she got put down to walk around a little, she tripped on the patio and bloodied her nose. Awesome. Mrs. Pam and I went to the back bathroom to clean her up. She pretty much never "recovered" and only got worse as the party went on. At one point, I tried to rock and nurse her to sleep. That didn't work. After the party was over, I did get her to sleep quickly and as I rocked her, I had a good cathartic cry. Exhausted. Disappointed. Frustrated. I just had a little pity party because more than anything, I just felt sad that after all the preparations, I did not get to enjoy the party with my sweet boy (or our friends) like I had wanted.

So funny story. I mentioned to one of our guests that we don't normally drink soda much anymore, but I wanted a few drink options for the adults. He said something about me serving carcinogens. haha! Only in California. I didn't take any offense because I know he was just agreeing with me that soda isn't healthy, but it did make me pause and think, "Well, crap! I'm serving carcinogens! What was I thinking???" 

We also added some lunch sandwiches to the spread.

Yay for our patio! Perfect for parties. 

A few of the super heroes who enjoyed the day with us.

Caleb with some of his boys. 

Poor baby girl. I can just tell by the look in her eyes here that she wasn't her normal smiley, happy self. :( 

Super Hero Lollipops! 

Caleb felt special that day. He loved all the special details. He still talks about the day we had his friends over for the jumpy house party! I'm glad he had fun because that makes it all worth it. The grandparents sent wonderful care packages so Caleb got to open presents all week! I even used a few of the presents from aunts/uncles as potty bribes. (Is that wrong? If so, I don't want to be right because they totally worked!!! haha! I did let him know who they were from.)

We took these pics after the party and after AK's nap. Yes, we got out the tripod for our one family shot! 

The Reiss family knows how to work a theme.  

Lots of love for his Daddy!

Goodness, soooooo much love for this little boy on his birthday and always! We love you, CALEB!

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