Friday, July 23, 2010

Class Party

Our class at church had our annual dinner at George and Janice Dunn's house tonight. We had a really good turn out of friends and everyone brought lots of yummy food. George and Janice's house and garden were beautiful as always. Unfortunately, we had to say good-bye to two members in our class that are moving away next week. We will really miss the Lim family!

We brought Emily with us and had planned to stay out a little later tonight, but we learned another parenting lesson. When you think that you are now able to stay out later with your baby, you're baby still isn't ready. Emily became pretty fussy and cranky at 7:45 pm and we were just getting ready to eat dinner. :( Jer and I took turns holding her and trying to keep her calm, but she cried way more than she usually does at home. She wouldn't even take her bottle! We almost thought something was wrong with her. Sick? Teething? Overstimulated? Hot? It was very uncharacteristic. We left the Dunn's house at 8:20 and when we got home, Emily was still having trouble going to sleep, but seemed to be feeling OK. (I got her to laugh and giggle while nursing.) Finally at about 9:45 she fell asleep (late for her). The class had hired two babysitters to help take care of all the kiddos so the parents could visit, but unfortunately, that didn't really help us that much tonight!

I'm heading to bed now. SO Tired!

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