Sunday, July 11, 2010

Emily's first 4th of July

Now that it is the middle of July, I thought I should write up something about 4th of July this year before I forget! This year Jeremy and I weren't sure of what to do, but we definitely wanted to make plans because this is our favorite summer holiday. What's not to love about good food, fun in the sun, homemade ice cream, fireworks, and celebrating our great nation's independence? Growing up, my family usually went to the Herrington's big 4th of July party. I have many, many memories of this annual bash. (The Herringtons are related to us by my Granddaddy Meisel. It is his sister's family and the hostess is my mother's first cousin which makes her children my 3rd cousins.) Not too many people hang out with the 3rd cousins on 4th of July, but we have always been close to this side of our family because they also have always gone to our church. Over the years, we have played volleyball, horse shoes, and shot up fireworks, but the main draw has always been the fresh pulled pork BBQ and ribs and homemade peppermint ice cream. This year, Frances Anne hosted the bash on Sat. July 3rd. Jeremy and I timed our trip down to BG with Emily's morning nap which has lately been working out fantastically as she sleeps the whole way and is refreshed and ready to go when we get there 1 1/2 hrs. later. We swam in Nan and Pop's pool for awhile and had a relaxing afternoon.

This year, Suellen Whittle's entire family was there and it was really nice for Jeremy to finally meet all of them. My aunts and uncles were there on my Mom's side of the family as well as my whole family and new little nephews. The kiddos looked so cute in their 4th of July attire. On the actual holiday, we went to church, cooked out at Mom and Dad's and swam in the pool. It was another quick weekend in Bowling Green as we drove back that night. Emily fell asleep in the car seat and we had her in her PJs so all we had to do was put her in her crib when we got home. Here are a few photos from the 4th of July weekend.

Hanging out with Uncle Stephen
Cooper looks thrilled to be at the party! :p

High/low chairs?

Proud to be an American...

Mom, Emily, and Hunter. Cooper isn't in this one b/c her lap is only so big...

My beautiful baby!

Emily thinks Dad is so funny. Oh yeah, he is!

Yep, this is the best we can do. Cooper looks bored, Emily can't wait to eat,
and Hunter is in his own little world. Sadly enough, we really tried!

Posing on the new front porch. It was great to see the house coming together
after much research, time, and effort on Mom and Dad's part.

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