Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Girl

Wow, a year goes by so quickly! I can't believe we just celebrated Emily's first birthday. Jeremy and I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed to have a beautiful, healthy baby. She has been a joy to take care of this year. As she has grows, we get more and more glimpses of her personality and the precious creation God has made her to me. As I reflect on Emily's first year, I am filled with a few thoughts. Mainly, I can't believe how fast it has gone. EVERYONE says that, but when you are in the midst of not sleeping well or worrying about naps or adjusting to going back to work, it doesn't feel like it is going fast. As a new mother, EVERYONE gives you advice and opinions and while some it is helpful and welcomed, some of it is neither! I have been thankful to be able to turn to my sister this past year. It is so helpful to have a sister that has a baby just a little older than yours so you can talk about whatever you are dealing with at the time. Each baby stage is unique and only lasts a short time.

Emily's birthday was Sunday Aug. 8th, but we celebrated with the big party on Sat. Aug. 7th. We chose this day so that we could recover and unwind on Sunday after all the work that a party entails and also so that it would work out better for the B.G. family to come up on Saturday. Early on, I chose a watermelon themed birthday party because frankly, I love pink and green color combination, but also because Emily loves watermelon! Really, a one year old doesn't need a "theme", but it did make shopping for the party a little more fun. At first, I had all of these grand ideas, but then I realized how much time it was going to take to execute them, so we kept it pretty, but simple. I had an old college friend make a "Happy 1st Birthday" banner and "Emily" highchair banner. I made a pretty decoration from the chandelier with Emily's photos placed in the middle of pink or green cardstock and hung them with pretty polka-dot ribbons. Jeremy's birthday invitation set the theme with a cute photo of Emily outside posing with her head cocked sideways on a watermelon. We totally lucked out with her impromptu pose which was just adorable. A few pretty tablecloths, balloons, crepe paper and pink roses finished up the decorations.

Jeremy and I decided to have Mark's Feed Store BBQ and potato salad for the main lunch meal so that he wouldn't have to slave away on a hot grill. I made a 2 layer 9" round "watermelon" cake. It was actually strawberry cake and I decorated the sides with green icing and the top with pink icing and then placed chocolate chips in it for "seeds." Mom had a friend make chocolate cupcakes decorated with pink and green "watermelon" icing" and she also made a small smash cake for Emily. We also served watermelon balls and a yummy fruit salad that Nancy put together for us. We had plenty of food.

The party went well! Emily was in good spirits and well rested from her morning nap. Both sets of grandparents were there as well as Stephen and Laura's families, Mary Dennison and Holly, George and Janice Dunn, and Bryan Dennison and kiddos. When it came time to do Emily's cake and sing "Happy Birthday" she was a good sport, but her photos showed her looking a little scared by all the attention. Emily had never had any cake before so I don't think she even recognized the birthday cake as "food." She was VERY slow and timid about diving into the cake. She didn't really get very messy although we did encourage her. She showed way more enthusiasm about eating her watermelon and strawberries than birthday cake (hence the theme.) Emily showed interest in most of her presents (or the boxes) and toddled around as I opened them and she "helped" me from time to time. Jeremy and I were glad to have new toys and clothes for our little babe and very thankful for everyone's generosity. It was a sweet day and I pray we will have many more wonderful birthday celebrations.

Emily on her 1st birthday: 8-8-10

Little Miss Manners didn't get very messy as you can see.

Eskimo kisses with Mama

Am I supposed to eat this???

Looking a little scared.

Grancy, Poppy and Em

The proud parents

Mom, Dad, and all the grandbabies

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  1. You are an awesome mommy and emily is too cute!!!

    Great job on the cake