Thursday, August 19, 2010

Emily the Model

Today, we got our 12 mon. photos of Emily and a few of the family. We had planned to do this a few days after her party, but the weather has been seriously miserable. I've lost count of how many days the weather has been in the high 90's and 100's and the humidity unbearable. We cancelled last week's appointment, and today we had mild weather at 8:30 am and no rain. The ground was still dewy and it was overcast, but that kind of weather is great for photos. The only problem? Getting Emily to smile. It is maddening that this sweet baby girl that laughs and giggles at us all day long becomes so serious when the camera is in front of her. Also, she is very inquisitive of new places. She was very intent on checking out the situation and getting her lay of the land. Being a smiley, silly, baby wasn't her plan this morning. I think we will have to bring in reinforcement for her 18 mon. photos.

Anyway, we headed to Locust Grove for our outdoor photos. Locust Grove is an old historic home and venue for various events. I LOVE outdoor photography and I can only hope that we somehow captured a little of the beauty and innocence of our 12 mon. old baby. I was very proud of the Reiss family for being on-time and dressed-up for our photos at 8:30 am. This is no small task when you have a baby and you're married to a Reiss (haha! Love you sweetie. I know I'm almost just as bad...)

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