Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Thanksgiving 2010 has come and gone in a blur! I was off work on Tues, Wed., and Thurs for Thanksgiving, but was unlucky this year on the holiday weekends for work. I got stuck working the whole Thanksgiving weekend Fri., Sat., Sun. AND Monday. I am so happy to be home today with my little family! It has been rainy and cold, so we haven't gone anywhere. I've been more than busy with catching up on all the laundry and taking care of Emily. We went to BG this year on Wednesday and Thursday for Thanksgiving. We had a nice visit, but it was very short as usual.

Mom found a used toddler table and chairs set and in a matter of days had them cleaned up, painted, and covered with new fabric cushions. It was so cute to see Hunter and Emily eating at their new table! We pulled the table and chairs into the living room and Emily watched the Macy's Thanksgiving parade while clutching her bear and eating her morning snack. Is there anything cuter? That afternoon, we had lunch at Memommy Meisel's with the usual gang of extended family. We were able to get another photo-op with with the great grandbabies--6 of them all across the couch with Memommy proudly looking over them. During the afternoon, we visited the Lee side of the family. We had a casual Thanksgiving left-over meal at Doug and Cindy's new home. They graciously allowed the whole gang to come over just weeks after moving in! Emily and Hunter had fun climbing up/down their stairs. Hunter climbed non-stop! I find it so amusing to watch the little personality differences between Hunter and Emily. Cooper is growing and changing, too. He is a total sweetie. At the rate he is going, he will be walking in a few months! He's 7 mon. old now.) He has to keep up with the older cousins so he has plenty of motivation.

This year I am thankful:

21. for continued work for Jeremy that keeps him very busy. (He just finished a project with Leapfrog Interactive.)
22. that I have grown as a PT since challenging myself with a new outpatient setting (changed jobs a year ago.)
23. that Emily is almost 16 mon. old and has not had to go to daycare because of my wonderful in-laws!
24. finding a wonderful babysitter that watches Emily on Mondays/Fridays since Poppy went back to work in November.
25. good health for our family.
26. another opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with my grandmothers.
27. that Ed and Jen will be parents in a few months!
28. a warm, cozy fire to snuggle by at night.
29. a precious daughter that makes me smile every day.
30. that St. Matthews Baptist has a new pastor after over a year of searching for the right man.

Will try to add photos soon, but I'm getting busy with Christmas cards and shopping...

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  1. So sad that you had to work all weekend. I hope Christmas is a little better..........with time off that is.

    So much to be thankful for. What did Jeremy do with LeapFrog? Very cool.

    You are growing and gaining P.T. skills and mine are slowly dwindling. Oh, I hope the LORD extends grace to me on that day I decide to return to work.

    Love you sweet friend!!

    BTW, we got our advent calendar at Family Christian Bookstore. It is nothing fancy