Thursday, June 30, 2011

Father's Day

A running bear hug for Daddy

Emily and Jeremy: Father's Day 2011

Three generations: Don, Jeremy, and Emily
Enjoying our day at Huber's

Feeding the ducks

Emily sits still for about 10 sec so we could take a photo with grandparents!

I think it is safe to say that Jeremy loves being Emily's daddy! We're talking about a guy that will tear up on occasion if work keeps him away from seeing his sweet girl. Emily loves wrestling with Daddy and climbing all over him. She especially likes when he pokes his head around the corner and all you see is his head. Then he pretends to be flying or going down stairs, or climbing a wall. It is really hilarious and Emily and I are a captive audience. It has been fun to watch Jeremy become more in love with Emily. The baby stage was sweet, but now that she is talking, walking, climbing, and giggling, I think we have even more fun.

This year we spent Father's Day weekend locally. We went to church in the morning and headed to Huber's with Grancy and Poppy in the evening. It was a great idea! We bought lots of fresh produce at the local store, bought wine for a night on the screened in porch, and enjoyed a wonderful homemade meal (best fried chicken I have ever had!) The weather that evening was divine--warm and not humid with a gentle breeze that kept us comfortable and happy. Emily fed the ducks and fish. She ran all around the playground and grassy areas by the restaurant. We enjoyed our evening and our special time with family. I have so much love for my father and my husband. I have been blessed that God has given me two such wonderful, special men. Happy Father's Day!


  1. So, so sweet!! I love the 2nd photo of Jer and Em. Very sweet! You should email it to me and let me play with it in Photoshop Elements (just for fun)!