Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Birthday Hike

Happy Birthday to ME! One good thing about my December 23rd birthday is that most of the time, family can be off that day to celebrate with me! Emily and Jeremy were both off from school and work. It had been way too long since we had seen or done anything new in our area, so when it was my turn to pick what I wanted to do, I chose to spend some time in the Presidio. I searched for an urban hike for us to do that the kids could handle without us needing to use the carrier for Caleb. See the link below for the hike we chose.

A nice lady took a photo of the whole family. AK's Christmas hat stands out a little too much! haha!

One excited little adventurer!

Andy Goldsworthy's Tree Line

Hiking from Lovers Lane area over to Inspiration Point

Caleb needed Dad's shoulders for a few minutes. 

We were rewarded with a lovely view! 

Emily brought along her toy camera. It really does take photos. She snapped photos capturing the hike along the way. Hmmm, wonder who she's doing that? This photo makes me laugh because our expressions are similar. (Deleting old photos to make room for Caleb's new ones.)

And Here's a few photos I took on my iPhone of our day.

Love him!

Birthday selfie. AK with the photo bomb

My mini me 

It's always nice when your hike is close enough to stop by the Golden Gate Bride afterwards. We had some Christmas business at the Warming Hut where I bought Jeremy a framed Muir Woods poster by Michael Schwab.
And this is 38.

There are dozens of these beautiful old homes in the Presidio. They were developed for officers in the military and their families. Talk about a sweet assignment! Located in the beautiful Presidio and close to the Bay/Pacific and Golden Gate Bridge. Where can you sign up for this?

Right here:

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