Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday this year. We dressed Emily up in her cute little red dress and a little Valentine bib for church. She was too cute! She enjoyed a few little toys from us (teethers, plastic balls with spinners inside them, and a stroller toy). Nan and Pop visited us on Saturday night. They brought Emily the most adorable book that was customized just for Emily. It lights up and sings a song so of course she loves it. She also got a new bath toy which we haven't tried out yet. Grancy and Poppy got Emily a new pink dress from her favorite store and a homemade ribbon toy. We all have noticed how Emily LOVES to chew on tags. It is hilarious to see how she can find the tag on any toy or blanket and then that it promptly goes into her mouth. Grancy put together a little square piece of polar fleece fabric and then sewed multiple colored ribbon "tags" all the way around the edges. Emily loves it. We are blessed to have such thoughtful grandparents!

Since my Mom and Dad were in town to babysit, Jeremy and I enjoyed a Valentine's night out on the town with a few other couples. Saturday evening we ate at Asiatique and dinner was wonderful. We all must have enjoyed one another's company because we ended up staying almost three hours! Here's a few photos of Emily!

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