Saturday, February 6, 2010


Emily has been right on track so far with her milestones and we have thoroughly enjoyed seeing what she does next! Here are a few of the ones she has mastered so far!
1. Holding head up and turning it right or left. (a few weeks old)
2. Smiling (6 weeks. Smiled regularly at 7-8 weeks.)
3. Found her hands to mouth (11 weeks)
4. Found her toes with her hands (3 1/2 mon.)
5. Rolled over belly to back (3 1/2 mon.)
*No one saw Emily roll over the first few times. We would come back in the room
and she would have changed positions!
5. Toes to mouth (5 1/2 months)
6. Sitting up unsupported (5 1/2 mon. in tripod position for a few seconds and sitting up well this week at almost 6 months.)
7. Eating solid foods. (5 1/2 months)
8. Sleeping through the night. Slept 8 hrs. straight on Oct. 3rd. Now Emily usually wakes up 0-2 times a night between the hours of 8 pm and 7 am. She usually doesn't need a night time feeding anymore so Daddy settles Emily back down if she wakes up in the middle of the night for a quick diaper change and maybe a pacifier. I take the morning "shift" and feed Emily when she wakes up for the day.

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