Monday, February 8, 2010

Six months old!

Emily is six months old today! I pray that the next six months don't go by as fast or my baby won't be a baby much longer. Today was a regular work day for me, but I was extra happy to get home today because it was my fourth day in a row to work since I also worked this entire weekend. How I would have loved to "only" work four days in a row last year, but now it is so hard to do it and be away from her. Of course there is also a lot more work to do with baby care so it isn't like I'm ever really off. (I daydream about a day at the spa with a mani/pedi and full body massage. sigh.)

Anyway, I digress. The purpose of this post is to just say, "I love my little family!" Tonight, Jeremy and I took the time to play with Emily in our bed for several minutes before putting her to sleep. She squealed and laughed and "talked." We worked on rolling over and sitting up and laughed at how she would just topple right over if we bounced the bed too much. Of course, she didn't mind to be toppled over and would just look at us and smile that huge toothless grin that has us both head over heels. Tonight I had planned to rock her to sleep and just hold her for a good long while. Well, in true six month fashion, Emily was just too interested in me to fall asleep in my arms. She played with my hair, my necklace, and my bra straps. Then, she had a time trying to rip my nose and lips off of my face. Every now and then, she would rest her head on my shoulder and sign a contented sign, but then she would remember, "Oh yeah, Mom is still here and I can harass her." She even played with her paci, took it out of her mouth and stuck it in mine. That one cracked me up because she hasn't ever done that. So, I got plenty of quality time with her this evening, but I didn't get to rock her to sleep. I ended up, lying her down on her belly and she was pretty much out by the time I left the room.

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