Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Zoo Experience

Everyone loved my hat!

Dad and Emily and the stinky camels.

Reissy Cup Family

Aunt Laura, Hunter, Mom, and Emily

Emily and Hunter at the Louisville Zoo

Morning Play Time

Why did you put us on this itchy grass?

Laura and the babies

Baby Swing Time

Our precious!

Strollin' in style

Sharing Toys

The Reiss family hosted the Burnham family for a couple of nights last week. Will had a Christian conference he was attending at the downtown Louisville convention center. It was the perfect reason for everyone to come up for a mid-week visit. Laura and I took the kiddos to the park one day for stroller and swing time. On Thursday, we all made a trip to the zoo. I was surprised at how long the babies lasted. They were very content in their strollers or being held while we watched the animals. However, sometimes I just had to laugh at their immaturity. While stopping to look at the elephants, Emily was not paying a bit of attention to the "elephant in the room" but she couldn't take her eyes and hands off of the wooden fence right in front of her!

Having Hunter in our house is like getting a glimpse into the future at what Emily will be doing next. He is only seven weeks older and he is a very good "cruiser." He could cruise around our kitchen, open cabinets, pull down plant stands, etc. He is very active and I can see I'm going to be even more busy in a few weeks. He is also starting to walk a few feet without holding on. I think both Emily and Hunter will be walking before their first birthdays! Here are a few photos from last week.


  1. Love the new title on the blog "Growing up a Reissy Cup"! Cute!! We had fun with you guys. Thanks again for letting us stay.

  2. I could eat her up!!!! I love her little outfits. So Jer chose the zoo over pitching!!

  3. Amber, of course he chose hanging out with us! His priorities are in the right place! LB, glad you liked the new title and of course we loved having you over!