Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Time

Easter is such a blessing! It is one of my favorite holidays for so many reasons. The resurrection of our Savior is the most important belief of the Christian faith. I am so thankful for the salvation I have in Jesus and how that one blessed day has changed the course of not only my life, but changed history! Also, Easter is perfectly situated at the start of spring when everything is beautiful and coming to life again. This year we have new life in Emily. I enjoyed buying Emily her first little Easter dress. The dilemma was which one to wear? So many precious dresses and so little time in which to wear them before she grows up another size! Emily was spoiled by us, her grandmothers, and Aunt Jen. We bought her some new toys and new Gerber finger foods. Lately, she is making quite a mess with her Wagon Wheels as she gums them to death.

Emily has also met new milestones this spring. She got her first tooth March 20th and a few days later, another one started to show (She has the two center bottom teeth.) Then, she really started to crawl March 26th. At 8 months old, she is quite a proficient crawler! She pulled herself to stand on March 30th. It took her a little while to learn to sit down and not be afraid to let go. We had a rough couple of nights when Emily learned how to stand up in her crib, but couldn't sit down and would cry for us. No sooner would we lay her down and she would crawl and stand up again. Jeremy was worried sick that we were headed back to the newborn nights of waking up all the time, but luckily she figured it out although I had to let her cry for awhile until she did. On April 5th, she learned how to go from a crawling position to sitting. On April 13th, she started waving "hi" and "bye." At first, I really thought she was doing it indiscriminately, but lately, she is right on time! Today when I walked in from work, she waved to me! She waves good night to her Daddy. It is really the sweetest thing and makes me so happy that she is learning and growing. (How did she learn that? Did Poppy work with her on it? I don't think I have ever sat down with her and practiced waving, but yet somehow she is doing it now.) Today I've had fun watching her plop down on her bottom when she gets tired of cruising and standing. I guess you could say she also started cruising this month! She has been busy! I've seen her take steps around the sides of her crib and she took three or four steps along the coffee table and ottoman today on April 17th. She doesn't cruise very much yet, mostly she just stands in the same place and reaches for whatever she can get her hands on!


  1. Praise the Lord first!!! And I lone the pics, but it makes me miss KY

  2. Cute pics! You are so good about remembering when Emily accomplishes a new task. I forget to write those milestones down and so by the time I get to writing them in Hunter's baby book I just have to guess! Oh well! :)

  3. Thanks girls! LB, I'm really not that good, but I think I'm usually in the right week or two. ha! It is hard to keep up the way they keep learning new things all the time.