Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random bits

Lately, Emily is really, really active during her diaper changes. She is all over the place. She can flip over in an instant on her changing table. Try to change her on the floor and you are chasing after her bare bottom as she crawls away. She is so fidgety and kicks those legs so fast! A lot of times she will cry when you lie her down for a diaper change, but miraculously if you give her a pair of socks, she is happy again. Of all of her toys and rattles, she prefers a sock. I told Jeremy that her sock is probably going to become her "lovey," We keep a pair of her tiny socks right beside the diaper wipes and when she starts to cry, we're like, "Here's your sock." Then she stops crying. Babies are so funny!

Emily loves to play with her own hair as she falls asleep. Sometimes while I'm feeding her, she runs her fingers through her hair and I've noticed her doing that as she tries to settle herself to sleep. I like that she does this because unlike a pacifier which can fall out, her hair isn't going anywhere!

We also have noticed that Emily likes to take things out of their containers. She loves taking her socks out of her drawer and she loves taking her toys out of her cube. We pack it full of all kinds of toys and laugh as she figures out how to open the cube and take every last item out.

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